What’s the angriest that you or your spouse/partner have ever been toward another person?

by Linda Wilson, Managing Partner/Owner (1987-present)

Back in 1995; our youngest daughter was dating a guy who wasn’t the best in the world.

On Easter Sunday, that year. He decided that he didn’t want to come to the Easter Dinner/Party the family was having. Instead the two of them went for a drive.

On their way back; he took the wrong road. Our daughter who had ridden with me on that particular road told the young man that this road did not connect back to the interstate as it was a mistake that I had made.

The guy decided that he would prove her wrong. He started driving faster and faster. Apparently he was going over 85 mph when his truck flipped over at least four times according to the accident report.

The shoulder harness, for the seat my daughter was in, failed, and the roof of the truck came down on her back. The guy got a bump on his head.

The accident was reported and the sheriff’s department and EMTs were dispatched. The guy pulled our daughter out of his truck before help arrived; cutting up her legs on the window glass.

We were called and drove to the hospital they had been taken too.

Our daughter has a very high pain tolerance and wasn’t fussing. Except when they wanted to cut off her hair which was stuck to the duct tape that the EMTs had used to strap her head to the board they brought her in on. I took the scissors away from the nurse and got her hair off the tape a few strands at a time.

The boyfriend was yelling and screaming. So most of the emergency staff at the hospital were trying to take care of him. Our daughter had had several x rays and they bought those x rays in and put them up on the light box. She was looking at them and became very quiet. When I asked what was wrong she said she could see fractures in the bones in her back. She had been working as an x ray tech for one of the local doctors in our town.

I went and got one of the ER doctors to come look at the x rays and he agreed with her findings.

We were sent by plane to the largest trauma hospital in our state. She was there for surgeries and recovering until mid summer.

This guy who caused the accident; came to see her once the first week, she was in the hospital. This was before they put the rods in her back. He broke up with her then and there because as he put it; he had to have a pretty girlfriend. And they could no longer date as he put it “she was broken”.

I invited him out to the hall. My daughter is crying in the ICU. I told this jerk of a man that I have had it with him and that he had better stay away . This accident was caused by his driving. And at that point we didn’t even know if she would ever walk again. I was grateful that I was in a public hospital because this was the angriest I had ever been in my life. Security was called and he was removed from the hospital.

Side note: about a year later; my daughter had recovered (with a bunch of scars, a full body cast and a few other issues) she sees the guy who broke up with her at a university dance with a girl who looked very similar to how she had looked before the accident. When he stepped away for a few moments; she went up and spoke with the girl. She asked her if she had ever heard “Sam” talk about “Heather”; his old girlfriend. The young woman said oh yes and commented it was a shame that she had been so hurt in an accident making it sound like “Heather” was driving. My daughter looked at the girl and told her, I am “Heather” and “Sam” was driving. My daughter then told the young woman to be very careful as “Sam” wasn’t a very good driver. If I remember right, my daughter said that “Sam” came back with something in a glass that the girl threw on him.

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