USA has oversized pick ups.

Q. Why doesn’t Australia have full size pickup trucks like the US and Canada? answered by Stefan Gebhardt (Lives in Australia) The No. 1 top selling car in Australia 2019 was the Toyota Hilux. It fits 5 people and has a tray on the back. The tray has a load capacity of 1225 kg. That’s 200kg […]

My father doesn’t work for the airline.

Q. What is the most satisfying thing you’ve seen happen when someone rudely cut ahead of a long line? answered by Allen Allington (International Travel · 26 countries, 1500 days in Asia. Lives in China part time) In 2015 I was in the Kunming China airport waiting to fly with a Delta partner airline when all of […]

Clickbait: Sleep inside this six-ton potato.

A 6-ton potato is one of Idaho’s hottest Airbnb locations. Would you sleep in this? BY MADDIE CAPRON Tons of tourists are dreaming of staying in a giant Idaho potato. The coronavirus pandemic forced people to cancel travel plans and stay at home for months in 2020. Some people took that time to fantasize about future […]

Only in Japan

Q What is an “Only in Japan” moment? answered by Marty Hafner (Owner, Cafe Carp – 2019 to present) One day, in Tokyo, an elderly man stepped a bit too early into the crosswalk. Had I not pulled him back, a car would have hit him. He then followed me around and grabbed me gently […]

My emotions have been ticked off for this one.

Q. Do you regret moving to Germany? answered by Junaid Cheema (Content Creator at the Brown German) Every. Single. Day. (Tongue in cheek) Disclaimer: My emotions have been ticked off for this one. It’s been 4 years, 1 month, and 9 days since I moved to Germany and I can confirm that it’s absolutely devastating. […]