“I’m travelling around the world without money..”

What makes you mad in your everyday life? answered by Charissa Enget, Mechanical and Energy Engineer. Lived in rural Thailand. Have you ever heard of “Begpackers”? They’re really common in Southeast Asia. These people fly to different countries and beg for money from the locals to continue traveling. Generally, the purpose of tourism, especially in […]

How to Get Offline Maps and Navigation on iPhone

by CHRIS HOFFMAN | How-To Geek Going for a long drive? Whether you’re deep in a national park or you’re just on a highway in the middle of nowhere, you might not have a cellular signal. Here’s how your iPhone can keep giving you directions while you’re off the grid.Table of Contents The Problem: No Offline Navigation […]

South Africa took me by surprise

by Itchy Boots Slowly Savannah and I are clocking away thousands of kilometers in South Africa. After 7 weeks, we have reached our 5.000km milestone. During my Asian and South American adventures, I would ride about 5000km each month, but a Honda CRF250L is not made to churn out 700 kilometers a day. That is […]

I’m a Delta flyer from now on!

What’s something a flight attendant did to you that you will never forget? answered by Sylvia Noirot, Travel Team Leader (2014-present) I had taken a trip to Washington DC to visit a friend. On the first night of my trip, we went to a Capitals hockey game. On our walk back to the hotel, I […]