Kwetu Guest Farm – Giraffes In The Overberg

by Nicolette Kwetu Guest Farm is located just outside of Swellendam in the Overberg of South Africa. It is home to not only two beautiful giraffes, but also ostriches, wildebeest, kudu, bontebok, greybuck, eland, sabels, springbuck, reebuck and steenbuck. Numerous bird species, including fish eagle, secretary birds and our beautiful national bird, the majestic blue […]

What makes you mad in your everyday life?

answered by Charissa Enget, Blogger. Engineer. Rapper. Living in rural Thailand. Have you ever heard of “Begpackers”? They’re really common in Southeast Asia. These people fly to different countries and beg for money from the locals to continue traveling. Generally, the purpose of tourism, especially in a developing country like Thailand, is to bring money […]

Two Backpackers…

TRAVEL EXPLORING We travel initially, to lose ourselves, to find ourselves, to open our hearts and eyes and learn more about the world than these newspapers publish and to see the life in a different perspective… but, later it became the daily routine of our life, we just need a thought to travel on. Firstly we […]