Good News: SpaceX Capsule Wasn’t On a Collision Course with a UFO

by ANDREW HEINZMAN Shortly after entering orbit on April 23rd, astronauts aboard the SpaceX Dragon were told to prepare for a potential collision with an unidentified object. Without time to make evasive maneuvers, the astronauts scrambled into their pressurized suits, and viewers on Earth watched in shock of what might come. Ooops! Turns out the […]

Mango customers left stranded at SA airports as airline suspends flights (local news)

By Ray Mahlaka | Business Maverick The flight operations of Mango Airlines, the cash-strapped low-cost local carrier, were suspended on Wednesday 28 April, leaving many passengers stranded at various airports in South Africa.  Mango has not provided reasons for why none of its scheduled flights didn’t take off at airports on Wednesday morning. But Business Maverick understands […]

The Best State Park in Every Single State

With ancient redwoods, bison, and red sandstone rock formations, they’re just as impressive as America’s national parks. BY EMILY PENNINGTON | cntraveler We all know how impressive our national parks system is. But while our Instagram feeds are flooded with awe-striking photos of Yosemite and Bryce Canyon, it can be easy to forget about a less touristed and just as […]

The haunted Karoo: All is quiet after dark … or is it?

By Chris Marais | Maverick Life Legends and spirits roam dark and stormy nights in the Spectral Heartland of South Africa. There are all sorts of reasons for not being on a lonely Karoo road after dusk. Huge cross-country trucks with sleepy eyes behind the wheel suddenly appear in your lane. A little bakoorjakkals (bat-eared fox) becomes […]

Throwback Thursday: 15 April 2021 (Coreen Kuhn Photography)

Picture Perfect Memories for Life (Coreen Kuhn) Today and over the next few weeks we are going back to our visit to the Augrabies Falls National Park on 11 September 2013 Augrabies Falls National Park is a national park located around the Augrabies Falls, about 120 km west of Upington in the Northern Cape Province, South Africa. It was established in 1966. The Augrabies […]

Concorde SLOWED DOWN to Mach 1.5

Q. Why is it that the Concorde could maintain Mach+ speeds for long periods of time during transoceanic flight, while most fighters can only maintain super sonic flight for short periods of time? answered by Matt Roach, lived in Australia They say a picture is worth 1000 words: Here is Concorde being escorted by four […]

Road tripping and Karoo dreaming

By Don Pinnock | Maverick Mapper Nearly half of South Africa consists of flat semi-desert which can be both terrifying and alluring. Don Pinnock went exploring the heart of the Nuweveldberg Plateau in search of hazy memories and a sandwich. Long before dawn I would be coaxed out of bed and shepherded into the back […]

USA has oversized pick ups.

Q. Why doesn’t Australia have full size pickup trucks like the US and Canada? answered by Stefan Gebhardt (Lives in Australia) The No. 1 top selling car in Australia 2019 was the Toyota Hilux. It fits 5 people and has a tray on the back. The tray has a load capacity of 1225 kg. That’s 200kg […]