Documenting Africa’s ancient baobab trees.

Photographer is Documenting Ancient Baobab Trees Before They All Disappear By Madeleine Muzdakis Trees literally stand the test of time. The oldest tree in the world is a bristlecone pine at 5,062 years old. Climate change, however, is threatening the world’s ancient trees and wreaking devastation among certain populations. California-based photographer Beth Moon has photographed ancient trees around the globe […]

A cyclist is a disaster for the country’s economy . .

What is a brutal truth about life that needs to be said? Bicyclists are evil. General Director of Euro Exim Bank Ltd. got economists thinking when he said: “A cyclist is a disaster for the country’s economy: They don’t buy cars and does not borrow money to buy. They don’t pay for insurance policies. They […]

Giving money to street kids

By Lori Robertson You may be doing more harm than good with your generosity to begging children. ravellers visiting poor and developing countries can get overwhelmed by poverty – specifically, by children on the street who are begging for money. But there are ethical implications in handing over a few coins to a child in […]