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Nile Night | Cairo | 2017 Back to business travel was the motto of the day, after a six week stretch at home. Took an early morning flight from Nuremberg via Frankfurt to Cairo. I had hoped so much to see the pyramids during approach into Cairo airport, but sat on…


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View on original Evelina site Exploring the rock caves in an open air museum where Christianity once reigned in Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkey. The nunnery, dining hall, kitchen, rooms were on the first floor and chapel on second one while the church was on the 3rd floor. Tunnels were used to get…

Ella, Sri Lanka

Caitlin Jean Russell Of all the places we visited in Sri Lanka, Ella was the strangest combination of the most tourist concentrated and the most peaceful place we visited. When I initially started to plan our trip, Ella was one of the locations that struck me as one of the most incredible and untouched landscapes […]

Malmö, Sweden

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Friends, our virtual tour of Scandinavia continues! This week we gonna tell you about one of the largest cities in Sweden – Malmö. This Scandinavian city is located in the South of the country and is at distances less than 19 km from Copenhagen. The both cities are connected by…