Mindbounce (Jun 04)

The Only Actor Who Appears In Both The Star Trek Pilot And First Aired Episode Is? Leonard Nimoy James Doohan William Shatner Nichelle Nichols your answer . .

The Best Movies of 2020

You might not catch them in theaters, but there are still plenty of movies to check out! By Dan Jackson When 2020 started, the routine of going to a theater, purchasing a bag of popcorn, and losing yourself in a movie for a couple hours was still mundane. Over the last few years, streaming services […]

What Is ‘Fake HDR,’ and Should You Buy HDR Blu-rays?

by Tim Brookes High-dynamic-range (HDR) video is taking off in a big way. Some of your favorite movies are already available with enhanced color and brightness, and look even better than they did in their original theatrical releases. But some remasters have caused critics to cry foul, igniting a debate around technical capability and artistic […]

Streaming Trivia.

In honor of Peacock’s launch, here’s a quiz on the streaming wars. We’ll give you a TV show, you have to determine the streaming platform it calls home. If you get a seven or more you watch too much TV. Example: Stranger Things = Netflix Avatar: The Last Airbender Most Dangerous Game Parks and Recreation […]

The 50 Best Travel Films of All Time

by CNT Editors Get ready for some serious inspiration—and some serious binge-watching. It’s arguable that, more than any other piece of pop-culture ephemera, movies have the power to transport—to sweep you away on a European adventure (Before Sunrise), cross an African desert (Out of Africa), even send you to the never-before-seen Paradise Falls (Up). These […]

Who is the worlds best actor, objectively?

Q. Who is the worlds best actor, objectively? answered by Ashley Land, Most viewed writer. Connoisseur of movies In my opinion? I can think of two people. And this is my opinion based on their range, how believable their performances are, how much effort they put in, etc. First, Timothy Olyphant. This man can do […]

Didn’t even think about it.

Q. Why did Harrison Ford become such a movie superstar post-Star Wars despite limited acting range, while co-stars Hamill and Fisher simply faded away? answered by Jon Mixon, Well over 13,000 movies by now. While I have to agree with the other answers that stated that Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill didn’t “fade away”, their […]