Slovenia’s Kozjak Waterfall and Soča River Gorge – Images and Traveler’s Notebook

originally posted by This is Slovenia’s Soča River, with its unique emerald hues, one of the country’s most loved natural attractions. And below is the Veliki Kozjak Waterfall, or Slap Kozjak, widely regarded as one of Slovenia’s most beautiful falls. I have no reason to doubt either characterization. Located a pleasant 30-minute walk from […]

Monopoly is torture

originally posted by The Shameful Sheep   Do any of you have really strange recurring dreams? Like the ones that are so vivid you are 100% convinced you’re about to ride your adult-sized tricycle off a cliff and you can feel both of your legs snap when you finally make contact with the ground again? […]

A girl’s story

Originally posted on Breaking Moulds:
“There is no greater agony then bearing an untold story inside you.” -Maya Angelou Once upon a time, there was a girl who was given a heart to call her own. It was the prettiest thing she had ever seen: large and bright and made of something like glass. She…

Cosy Jumpers

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Hello Ladies, I hope you are all well? Today I’m back with another outfit courtesy of Primark! I am currently obsessed with all there winter line at the minute and wanted to share my growing obsession with you. My number one favourite item has to be these cosy wool…

Patatas Bravas

originally posted by La Cuisine d’Eli When I think of tapas, patatas bravas are about the first thing that comes to mind. Not garlic gambas or olives, or miscellaneous things wrapped in dry-cured ham, but a plate of fried potatoes smo… Source: Patatas Bravas

In Padar Island

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Miyase Koichi | Padar Island, Komodo National Park, Flores, Indonesia Pictured here is Japanese photographer Miyase Koichi. This shot was taken on a GoPro while he was taking a photograph of the Padar Island in Indonesia after a hike to the top during sunset. Thankful to Wonderful Indonesia and…