The Affair of the Private Affairs of Miss Lemon

“I wonder why Miss Lemon hasn’t married,” said Hastings presently. “Indeed, Hastings?” “I mean, she’s not bad-looking!” said Hastings. “As a matter of fact, Poirot, she’s a very attractive girl.” “Oui, mon ami, and she has also the filing system most excellent.” “I say, Poirot.” Poirot, attired immaculately in a new evening suit and nodding […]

🍫Torta al cioccolato🍫

Originally posted on Le ricette di Laura.:
Alta, soffice, cioccolatosa, cosa chiedere di una torta al cioccolato, io ne ho provate tante di ricette con ingredienti diversi: il burro, l’olio, utilizzando il cacao amaro, il cioccolato fondente, usando poca farina, con le uova, senza uova, con il latte, farcita di creme, con panna, insomma voglio…

Did You Know? [May 27]

Earth and universe The one place where a flag flies all day, never goes up or comes down, and does not get saluted, is the moon. A green diamond is the rarest diamond. Summer on Uranus lasts for 21 years – but so does winter. The largest iceberg ever recorded was 335km (208 miles) long […]