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An utter lie it is whenever I say I’m ill; when you say you’re ill, an absolute truth it is. Who is truly ill? Can the same thing, at the same time, be an absolute truth and an utter lie? Protagoras defends you, “Truth is relative;” both hot and cold a…

Curve Balls

by beautybeyondbones Gosh, thank you so much for the support after last week’s emotional blog post. Thankfully I am now 100% healthy – the flu couldn’t keep me down for long! And I have taken a page from T Swift’s book and did a little “shake it off” dance. It’s crazy though. The video is […]

The Affair of the Private Affairs of Miss Lemon

“I wonder why Miss Lemon hasn’t married,” said Hastings presently. “Indeed, Hastings?” “I mean, she’s not bad-looking!” said Hastings. “As a matter of fact, Poirot, she’s a very attractive girl.” “Oui, mon ami, and she has also the filing system most excellent.” “I say, Poirot.” Poirot, attired immaculately in a new evening suit and nodding […]

Ek het myself belowe maar…

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Ek het myself belowe ek sal nie Hacksaw Ridge kyk nie. Ek kyk nooit enige film wat van ‘n ware verhaal afkomstig is nie. Dit onstel my net te veel. Met Weeskind wat nog bietjie snot het, moet ek hom elke vier ure meds gee. So sit ek toe alleen…

🍫Torta al cioccolato🍫

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Alta, soffice, cioccolatosa, cosa chiedere di una torta al cioccolato, io ne ho provate tante di ricette con ingredienti diversi: il burro, l’olio, utilizzando il cacao amaro, il cioccolato fondente, usando poca farina, con le uova, senza uova, con il latte, farcita di creme, con panna, insomma voglio…

Did You Know? [May 27]

Earth and universe The one place where a flag flies all day, never goes up or comes down, and does not get saluted, is the moon. A green diamond is the rarest diamond. Summer on Uranus lasts for 21 years – but so does winter. The largest iceberg ever recorded was 335km (208 miles) long […]