Meta and Sheryl Sandberg’s breakup is getting messy.

Meta Scrutinizing Sheryl Sandberg’s Use of Facebook Resources Over Several Years Review focuses on the extent to which staffers worked on her personal projects By Jyoti Mann | MSM, source : Business Trader The owner of Facebook opened an investigation last fall into the conduct of Sheryl Sandberg, who stepped down as chief operating officer […]

Platinum Jubilee Begins

Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee: What to know about Britain’s big royal party The 4-day festival of royal pageantry and public partying to mark her 70-year reign may be the final time the queen is celebrated on such a grand national stage. By Alexander Smith LONDON — Few nations have thrown a party like this.  Britain […]

Twitter Ultimatum

at least 20% of Twitter’s 229 million daily active users are spam Elon Musk said yesterday his $44B deal to buy Twitter can’t move forward unless the company proves that fewer than 5% of total users are fake. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has been vocal about wanting to clean up spam bots and estimates at least 20% of Twitter’s 229 million daily active users […]

Editor’s Note (15 May)

With the stock market and crypto prices crumbling like a Nature Valley bar, the question we’re all asking ourselves is, “Should we have seen this coming?” In hindsight, probably. There have been many indications of a “market top”—when investor behavior became so irrational, so carefree, that it couldn’t possibly defy gravity forever. What were those […]

Musk Puts Twitter Deal ‘On Hold’… Stock Plummets…

Elon Musk Puts Twitter Deal ‘On Hold,’ Stock Plummets 15% in Pre-Market Trading by LUCAS NOLAN Tesla CEO Elon Musk has reportedly placed his $44 billion deal to acquire Twitter on hold pending an investigation into bot accounts on the platform. The stock has plummeted more than 15 percent in pre-market following Musk’s announcement released […]

Netflix’s Big Wake-Up Call: The Power Clash Behind the Crash

As rivals toggle between schadenfreude and fear, top creators and insiders are increasingly becoming vocal about what’s gone wrong with the streaming giant’s culture. BY KIM MASTERS | The Hollywood Reporter Before we get to the deep dive on the internal drama at Netflix — the internecine battles among top leadership that more than one source calls […]

That aged like a fine cheese.

Why did Russia stop the gas supply to Poland? answered by Nadhiya Athaide, Iranian Historian & Curator Poland was given an ultimatum, make your next payment under the contract in rubles, or the gas goes off. Poland put on their big boy hat and said “NO, I WON’T, WE CAN LIVE WITHOUT YOU, GERMANY WILL […]

Clickbait: When you fall headfirst into a toilet.

Fire crews rescue Washington woman after she falls headfirst into toilet By Zoe Sottile, CNN (CNN)If you think hiking stinks, get a load of this … A woman was rescued by two fire crews after she fell headfirst into a vault toilet while trying to retrieve her cellphone at a park on Olympic Peninsula, Washington. […]