Washing Your Nasty Pillows

by YVONNE GLASGOW Most of us wash our bed linens pretty regularly, but it’s easy to neglect washing your pillows. Here’s why you should do it and how. If it’s been a while (or never) since you washed your pillow, it’s harboring some gross stuff, like sweat, oils, drool, dirt, mold, bacteria, and dust mite […]

Why don’t I have any self-discipline?

Kilian Markert, Speaker and Coach for Inner Transformation Because you’re relying on willpower. What I’ve come to realize after working with hundreds of people that were lacking self-discipline is that they did not have any reliable structure in their days that made it easy to take action, but rather were relying on willpower. Willpower is […]

Save Yourself from Poor Computer Posture . . .

by Cameron Summerson Sitting is killing you. Sitting on its own isn’t inherently bad, but if you work at a computer, sitting for hours every day is ultimately hard on your body. Here are some simple tips you can do to help, though. While sitting all the time is considered generally bad for your health, […]

Lost child

Originally posted on Being Aware:
Here comes another blog about children and their development, as I have been working closely with students, I find this topic connected to me. In this era of technology and smartphones, the most impacted lobby is our young ones. Because neither they are adults not technology is the need of…