A cyclist is a disaster for the country’s economy . .

What is a brutal truth about life that needs to be said? Bicyclists are evil. General Director of Euro Exim Bank Ltd. got economists thinking when he said: “A cyclist is a disaster for the country’s economy: They don’t buy cars and does not borrow money to buy. They don’t pay for insurance policies. They […]

Banting Buttermilk Rusks (Sugar & Spice)

by Siobhan Have you missed these foodie posts?  Last month I did a post on Creamy Parmesan Garlic Mushroom Chicken, but I didn’t just provide you with a recipe and leave you to it.  I took a recipe that I found on Pinterest, and I guided you through my first time making that meal.  Also included […]

A Concept Camper for the Cybertruck Somehow Took $50 Million in Preorders

by CORY GUNTHER | review geek A lot of people are excited about Tesla’s unreleased Cybertruck and its potential. So much, in fact, that one accessory concept already received over $50 million worth of orders for its Overland Cybertruck camper. An RV-style camper that doesn’t even exist yet. It’s called the “Cyberlandr,” and the maker claims it’ll offer a […]

This Extraordinary House Was 3D Printed from Raw Earth

by SUZANNE HUMPHRIES | review geek Wasp, Italy’s leading 3D printing company, and Mario Cucinella Architects just finished building the first house to be 3D-printed from raw earth materials. The environmentally friendly and eco-sustainable process, called Tecla (short for technology and clay), only took 200 hours to complete. The house has a unique look, designed to look […]

No pills or surgery — just keto diet and exercise.

Q. What is a picture of you that would make everyone go “Wow!”? answered by Brittany Byars (Senior Housing Consultant (2018–present)) My new face after a 110lb weightloss over 2020! There is no filter on this photo at all, just one I snapped on my cell phone before an anniversary dinner with my beloved husband. […]

Reverse Insulin Resistance

If you are looking to Reverse Insulin Resistance here are 14 Common Insulin Resistance Treatments That Stops Your Weight Loss & May Hurt You. Here are 14 ways people use to treat or reduce blood sugar with insulin resistance treatments such as insulin resistance medicine, insulin resistance supplements and natural remedies that could actually make […]

How eating one meal a day changed my life

Since the 11th January 2019 I have followed a regime of intermittent Fasting coupled with only eating 1 meal a day. That meal has to be low in carbohydrates. The way it works for me us that I eat my meal between 5.00 pm and 7.00 pm ish. I don’t eat again until the same […]

Mushrooms with sour cream

by CookingWithoutLimits I eat those mushrooms since I was a child. You need a lot of mushrooms to make a meal out of them, so when you find them in the forest, all you can think is what to make with them. So, the one great recipe is mushrooms and sour cream. Yummy! Ingredients: 1 […]