“Good Evening Commander Bond”

Q. How did they manage to get Queen Elizabeth II to act alongside James Bond at the London Olympics? answered by Adeline Peterson According to the director Danny Boyle, he’d been planning to do the piece as it is, only with a lookalike, and he got in touch with the palace asking if he could […]

Oh, deer.

comment That’s a donkey mesopotamius, Albuquerque NM, It’s a baby horse. Source: was a horse girl who collected horse figurines howdodogwalks, Northeast USA, What an Ass. MandatoryMoose, Essex UK Something disturbingly predatory about this, it’s like an Angler Fish but a tree wisewizard Deer’s thoughts: “It’s behind me isn’t it?” Edit: That might be a […]

It’s absolutely maddening.

Q. What order do professional cooks cringe at when they see it on an order ticket? answered by Ronald Hokanson, Executive Chef, Executive Pastry Chef Duck Breast. By a mile. All cooks hate it. Anthony Bourdain mentions it in his book Kitchen Confidential, (always referring to it as “Oh no, Duck Breast). You have to let it rest […]

Children’s ideas to get the Suez Canal unstuck.

Good News: Our Children Have Some Terrific Ideas for How to Get the Big Ol’ Boat Unstuck From the Suez Canal BY DAN KOIS | SLATE Max, 12: “Just turn it.” Sam, 10: “Just straighten it out.” Alex, 12: “Just turn the wheel to the left.” Nina, 8: “What’s it stuck on, sand? They should move the sand.” Theo, […]

April Fools: The Roots of an International Tradition

by Stephen Winick | Library of Congress Scan your favorite newspapers or news websites this April 1, and chances are you’ll see some headlines that look suspicious. Read further, and you’ll probably find that some of those stories are complete hoaxes. After all, it’s April Fools’ Day. But where do we get the strange custom […]

Up for Adoption at Swellendam SCPA: Freckles

FRECKLES was brought in to us as a stray and has never been claimed.  Freckles is a real character and enjoys interacting with the other animals. He has eaten a couple of the smaller ones, so we do need to re-home him as soon as possible. He would prefer to be adopted by a family […]