My father doesn’t work for the airline.

Q. What is the most satisfying thing you’ve seen happen when someone rudely cut ahead of a long line? answered by Allen Allington (International Travel · 26 countries, 1500 days in Asia. Lives in China part time) In 2015 I was in the Kunming China airport waiting to fly with a Delta partner airline when all of […]

Consuming GameStop Content Like

This week’s GameStop news is a little like “Despacito”: You know you’re going to get sick of it at some point, but until then…hammer the repeat button.    To help you better digest one of the most dramatic finance stories in years, we compiled insightful reads/listens/videos on the subject to fill your Saturday.  The best long […]

Only thing I said was 8 FEET ma’am

Q. What is the rudest, most disrespectful thing someone has done to you while shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic? answered by Ken Smithy (Lives in The United States of America) I’m a carpenter. So, most of the time I have a tape measure on me. I stopped by the dollar store to pick up some […]

. .He slowly walked over to the drivers side door.

Q. What was the most satisfying display of instant karma you have ever seen? answered by Jeanie Walton (Life Coach and Private Music Teacher) I was driving in Yellowstone park many years ago. There was stopped traffic and a bit of snow on the ground. There were many beautiful bison meandering around the stopped traffic. […]

AI mistakes referee’s bald head for football — hilarity ensued

Top football leagues and teams around the world have TV crews and streaming services at their disposal to broadcast matches to fans across the globe. However, because of the coronavirus pandemic, smaller football teams are relying on AI-powered cameras to cast live matches through YouTube. While it’s a fantastic and pocket-friendly idea for smaller clubs to […]