Washing Your Nasty Pillows

by YVONNE GLASGOW Most of us wash our bed linens pretty regularly, but it’s easy to neglect washing your pillows. Here’s why you should do it and how. If it’s been a while (or never) since you washed your pillow, it’s harboring some gross stuff, like sweat, oils, drool, dirt, mold, bacteria, and dust mite […]

I am a Zebra!!

Q. Has anyone ever correctly diagnosed someone? answered by Leslie Jean Rhodes, CCU/ICU, OB, Neonatal, Geriatrics, ER& Trauma ER, Med Surg Sure. I approached a family at Wal-Mart. The husband was about 6′4″, and solid. The wife about 5′ tall with a baby in the cart seat. I had to stop her. He kept on […]

Article of the Day (29 May)

Sleep Deprivation Sleep is a period of rest for both the body and mind, the lack of which can result in changes to personality, perceptual processes, and intellectual functioning. Humans are unable to totally abstain from sleep, as the brains of the severely sleep-deprived will automatically shut down for short periods, a phenomenon known as […]

Why can’t someone just snap out of depression?

answered by Milos Vukotic, I had experience with severe depression Disclaimer: I’m not a psychiatrist, psychologist or anyone who’s expertise is related to mental health, but I have had experience with severe depression in the past and I have researched quite a lot about mental health over the years. Also, I’ll be assuming that by […]