94-Year-Old Couple Falls in Love During Pandemic, Plans Post-Vaccination Wedding

by KATHERINE RODRIGUEZ A 94-year-old New York couple is looking towards a bright and happy wedded future once they receive their coronavirus vaccines. While the coronavirus kept most people apart, Joy Morrow-Nulton and John Shults became inseparable, their relationship blossoming during the pandemic. “I’m looking forward to getting married to my wonderful woman,” Shults told Spectrum News. […]

A Bittersweet Homecoming (Local Story)

source : Swellengram The last few days have been something of a roller-coaster of emotions as Bianca / Louisa / Drieka / Henrietta was finally brought home to her family  – only made possible by the generosity and open hearts of both Swellendammers and even Gram readers from as far away as the UK. I […]

What Does “Ghosting” Mean in Online Dating?

by VANN VICENTE | How-to Geek Ghosting can be one of the most distressing experiences in online dating. Find out what it is, when it happens, and why dating apps and social media contribute to its rise. What Is Ghosting? Ghosting is the act of completely stopping all communication with someone without prior notice, typically […]

How old did you say your oldest child is?

Q. What is the most incredibly clever way a lawyer has ever won a case? answered by Fred Edward (Lived in many different places) I had a friend. His wife had a 14-year-old daughter from her previous marriage. My friend loved the hell out of her and was her father in all but biology. The […]

A second-party adoption

Q.Has a babysitter ever said something to you which was completely unexpected? answered by Michael Callahan (dated and happily married a widowed mother, adopted her son) Our usual “babysitter” is also my wife’s youngest sister who has lived with us for six years along with her daughter (1.5 YO when they joined our household). They […]