Thank you Dale Schroeder!

Q. Who has lived a life worth following? answered by Peter Branche, B.S. from Cornell University (2017) This is Dale Schroeder. This man sent 33 strangers to college using his life savings from working as a carpenter for 67 years. Dale Schroeder grew up poor in Iowa, never married, had no children, and worked as […]

I was wrong in every possible way, but it turned out right

Q. What is the creepiest and strangest coincidence that happened with you or someone you know? answered by Sandy Mau, Working with autistic children (2001-present) At the age of 18, I was in a frustrating relationship with a guy who was continually drunk or high. While I was at my university, in the commons area, […]

Okay, how much for the items?

Q. Do cops sometimes bend the rules and let criminals go if they think that what the person did was right at the moment (e.g. stealing food for a starving child)? answered by David Cimperman Jr. About 10 years ago, I got called to Walmart. The manager meets us at the front door. A 30-something […]

Did You Know? (Nov 2)

In traditional Hawaiian culture, the placement of a flower in the hair of women has subtle symbolism; a flower behind the left ear indicates the wearer is in a relationship, and a flower behind the right ear indicates availability. The same symbolism does not apply to men.

I was asked to provide a photo of Andy.

Q. When did you realize exactly who your son or daughter really was? answered by Lisa Raymond, Eldest of three sisters. When it was too late. Just like most parents, I knew my son, Andy, was special to me and his father. He was smart, he was talented and he was a great big brother. […]