I thought it was sadistic because his own father had to live in that house until somewhere could take him and the house needed to be livable for him until then.

Q. What is the most sadistic thing you have seen one of your family members do? answered by Amanda Todd, Home Health Aide, Aspiring Author My mother’s mother passed about 5 or 6 years ago. When she did, her husband was still living in their house. He had given my mother permission to use his […]

A nonagenarian sees her family again after lockdown.

A Photographer Captured The Moment A 98-Year-Old Got To See Her Family After A Year Apart by David Mack |BuzzFeed News It’s been a long year for the Uomoto family. As the coronavirus pandemic raged, nursing homes and assisted living facilities around the world shut themselves off to visitors in order to protect their vulnerable residents. That […]

94-Year-Old Couple Falls in Love During Pandemic, Plans Post-Vaccination Wedding

by KATHERINE RODRIGUEZ A 94-year-old New York couple is looking towards a bright and happy wedded future once they receive their coronavirus vaccines. While the coronavirus kept most people apart, Joy Morrow-Nulton and John Shults became inseparable, their relationship blossoming during the pandemic. “I’m looking forward to getting married to my wonderful woman,” Shults told Spectrum News. […]