The U.K. Is Turning the Page on 2019

U.K. GDP Did Not Budge in the Fourth Quarter of 2019 by Alex Hickey U.K. GDP growth stood still in Q4 2019, the region’s last full quarter in the EU. In addition to Brexit uncertainty, slower trade and a wilting eurozone dragged down growth. But as much as we mercilessly teased the U.K. in 2019, […]

Ginger Ale Hits Different at 800 mph

British Airways 747 Sets Record for New York to London Subsonic Flight by Kinsey Grant Saturday night, a British Airways 747 set a new record for the fastest subsonic flight between NYC and London. We’d say the travelers were lucky, but they didn’t even have time to digest their “dinner” before flight attendants started handing […]

How Big is TESLA?

Brew readers are rightly flabbergasted by Tesla stock’s recent performance. Two of them, Mike W. and his friend Wynn, even shared with us a trivia game they started playing. How it works: We’ll give you a company, you have to say whether its market value is greater than or less than Tesla’s $159.9 billion (as […]

Boeing Episode IV: A New Hope

Boeing Starts Testing of New Jumbo Jet, the 777X Neal Freyman Ain’t she a beaut? Boeing’s newest plane model, the 777X, successfully completed its maiden voyage on Saturday. It lifted off at 10:09am PT, hung out in the air long enough for pilots to qualify for pretzels (about four hours), and touched down to a […]

Bad Day to Be a Tesla Hater

Tesla Tops $100 Billion Market Value, Short Squeeze Ensues Kinsey Grant The electric car company became the first publicly listed U.S. automaker to cross $100 billion in market value, eclipsing the combined values of other homegrown heroes Ford and GM. How Tesla doubled its share price in three months: 1) It reported a surprise Q3 […]

Bam! I had fixed the issue for $40.

Q. I was offered a 2008 Prius for free, but was told the battery had been removed. Would it be worth taking? answered by Sunny Patel, Senior Software Engineer (2013-present) First off, this is almost exactly what happened to me. My mom had a 2005 Prius lying in a dealership service parking lot for two […]