Does Mileage Matter on a Used EV?

by CORY GUNTHER As electric vehicles continue to rise in popularity, we’ll start seeing more used EVs available for sale. If you’re in the market for an electric car, you’re likely wondering how much mileage matters on a used EV. While Tesla dominates the used EV market today, we’re seeing several additional used EV models […]

Tesla Is Using A Surprising New Battery

And it will either cement their lead in the EV world or sink them. We all know that Tesla not only initiated the EV revolution, but has also been far and away leading it for more than ten years. Other automakers are now finally coming up and providing their own long-range, quick, and inexpensive EVs […]

Fluoride-Ion a Replacement for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Honda Institute Scientists Have Found A Fluoride-Ion Replacement For Lithium-Ion Batteries BY CARLOS ZOTOMAYOR | SolidSmack As far back as anyone can remember, batteries in our phones, flashlights, laptops, and other gadgets have all been powered by lithium-ion batteries. And while both the disposable and rechargeable versions could easily power tech of the late 90s […]

DeLorean Alpha5 EV Revealed with Gull-Wing Doors and 300-Mile Range

by CORY GUNTHER | Review Geek After several months of teasing a new electric vehicle, the DeLorean Motor Company has officially unveiled its first EV, the DeLorean Alpha5. It’s an exciting new luxury sportscar coupe with impressive specs to match the stylish design. For those unaware or the younger generation, the original DMC DeLorean came out in 1981 and […]

Rivian R1T Electric Truck Recalled Over Dangerous Child Safety Issue

by CORY GUNTHER | Review Geek This week, Rivian issued its first recall on the popular new R1T electric truck over a critical safety issue affecting over 500 vehicles. According to the NHTSA, defective airbag sensors may not deactivate when a child is in the passenger seat. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests that the defective airbag system […]

Can You Add a Backup Camera to an Older Car?

by ANDREW HEINZMAN | REVIEW GEEK There’s nothing like sitting in a friend’s car, watching them use the backup camera, and feeling a surge of jealously. Backup cameras increase driver awareness and make baking out of tight spaces a breeze—everyone can benefit from them. But you don’t need to feel jealous of anyone, because you can […]

Walmart gives truckers 6 figures

With a 92% turnover rate in the trucking industry, companies are trying to entice new drivers. By Max Knoblauch | MORNING BREW In order to get those Instant Pots where they need to be, faster, Walmart said that it will increase the average starting pay for in-house truck drivers from $87,000 to between $95,000 and $110,000. Feel […]

Can You Jump-Start a Dead EV Car Battery?

by CORY GUNTHER | Review Geek If you recently bought an electric car or are in the market for one, a common question is “can I jump-start a dead EV car battery?” No one wants to get stranded with a dead battery and a car that won’t “start,” so it’s a valid concern. Electric vehicles […]