USA has oversized pick ups.

Q. Why doesn’t Australia have full size pickup trucks like the US and Canada? answered by Stefan Gebhardt (Lives in Australia) The No. 1 top selling car in Australia 2019 was the Toyota Hilux. It fits 5 people and has a tray on the back. The tray has a load capacity of 1225 kg. That’s 200kg […]

Corvette and the Viper

Q. Why was the Dodge Viper taken out of production, while the Chevy Corvette still goes strong? answered by Chris Coleman (Former Test Driver & Mechanic at Automotive Industry (2007–2008) A common mistake made by auto enthusiasts is to compare the Corvette and the Viper. While from a simplistic viewpoint, the two cars may fill a similar niche, the […]

Apple’s self-driving car unit

by Eliza Carter On Monday, Reuters reported that Apple’s self-driving car unit, in the shadows for years, is revving up to produce an electric passenger vehicle by 2024. The Silicon Valley colossus reportedly plans to implement innovative new battery tech to maximize range and minimize cost.  The takes were swift and they were hot The […]

The Most Scenic Train Trips in the U.S.

Before the interstate opened and air travel became more affordable, the most relaxing (and fashionable) way to travel the United States was by train. Some of those epic train trips still exist and there’s still nothing quite like the unhurried pace of riding the rails as you enjoy breathtaking views of the American landscape. Take […]

737 Max Cleared for Takeoff

Twenty months after it was initially grounded, Boeing’s 737 Max has been cleared to fly by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). In a video message, the agency’s administrator Steve Dickson said he’d be “100 percent comfortable with my family flying on it.”  The backstory: The Max had been involved in two fatal crashes—one in Ethiopia […]