Purdue to Plead Guilty

Purdue Pharma’s saga reached a major milestone yesterday, when the drug company agreed to plead guilty to federal criminal charges for its part in the U.S.’ devastating opioid crisis. The backstory: Purdue’s role in the opioid crisis is well established—it pleaded guilty to violating kickback laws when it paid doctors to write more opioid prescriptions. […]

Rocks in your head? Sort of.

Rocks in the head? Surprise, surprise. We all have them. Caitlin Bard, OSS Intern Sometimes called “ear rocks”, small crystals of calcium carbonate (essentially limestone) are found in your inner ear. The technical name for these tiny stones wrapped in a matrix of protein is “otoconia.” They play no role in hearing, but rather are […]

Immunology and Nutrition

Jonno and Prof. Patrick Bouic Talk Immunology and Nutrition in the time of the Corona. Patrick is a co-founder of Synexa Life Sciences and Extraordinary Professor of Immunology at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, South Africa. In his role as CSO, Patrick’s main focus is on applying the latest developments in biomedical science to the […]

When Everyone Stays Home

Empty Public Spaces During Coronavirus by Alan Taylor In cities and regions hard-hit by the coronavirus crisis, quarantine measures and self-isolation efforts have left many public spaces deserted. Classrooms, plazas, malls, sports venues, cafes, houses of worship, and tourist destinations appear eerily empty as people stay home, cancel plans, and await further news. An aerial […]

Something Is Causing Our Eyeballs to Elongate

Human eyesight is degrading right before our eyes, and the problem is growing by Robert Roy Britt Human eyeballs are growing longer, from front to back, at an alarming rate, resulting in a spike in the prevalence of myopia, or nearsightedness. Among Americans, rates of myopia have increased from 25% of people in 1971 to […]