By Wag ‘n Bietjie Broadly speaking I have great admiration for true bloggers with a talent for writing posts that engage the interest of internet users. I do not consider myself to be in this category as I derive much more satisfaction from reading well written posts across a fairly broad spectrum covering technology, poetry, […]

What the Apple-Qualcomm Settlement Means

Apple and Qualcomm met each other in court this week in what was supposed to be a brutal trial. Turns out that wasn’t the case, as the two companies surprisingly agreed to a settlement yesterday. This means three things. Firstly, the settlement ends all ongoing legal action across the board—from Apple, Apple’s manufacturing partners, and […]

Om goeie volgelinge te wees

My skoonpa stuur vir my die storie aan: ‘n Klein seuntjie wil bitter graag die Hemelse Vader ontmoet. Hy besef dat dit tyd sal neem om te reis na waar die Here woon. Dus pak hy in sy tassie ‘n pak aartappelskyfies en ‘n 6-pak vrugtesap – toe begin sy reis. Ongeveer 3 blokke van […]

An Old Man & a Bucket of Shrimp

It happened every Friday evening, almost without fail, when the sun resembled a giant orange and was starting to dip into the blue ocean. Old Ed came strolling along the beach to his favorite pier. Clutched in his bony hand was a bucket of shrimp. Ed walks out to the end of the pier, where […]

Google’s Sensorvault

by CHRIS HOFFMAN Google’s Sensorvault is a location history database that police can query to see phones near the location of a crime. Google is the only company with such a database—and innocent people have been arrested because of it. How Does Sensorvault Work? According to a New York Times investigation, Sensorvault works using Location […]