By Wag ‘n Bietjie Broadly speaking I have great admiration for true bloggers with a talent for writing posts that engage the interest of internet users. I do not consider myself to be in this category as I derive much more satisfaction from reading well written posts across a fairly broad spectrum covering technology, poetry, […]

94-Year-Old Couple Falls in Love During Pandemic, Plans Post-Vaccination Wedding

by KATHERINE RODRIGUEZ A 94-year-old New York couple is looking towards a bright and happy wedded future once they receive their coronavirus vaccines. While the coronavirus kept most people apart, Joy Morrow-Nulton and John Shults became inseparable, their relationship blossoming during the pandemic. “I’m looking forward to getting married to my wonderful woman,” Shults told Spectrum News. […]

USA has oversized pick ups.

Q. Why doesn’t Australia have full size pickup trucks like the US and Canada? answered by Stefan Gebhardt (Lives in Australia) The No. 1 top selling car in Australia 2019 was the Toyota Hilux. It fits 5 people and has a tray on the back. The tray has a load capacity of 1225 kg. That’s 200kg […]