By Wag ‘n Bietjie Broadly speaking I have great admiration for true bloggers with a talent for writing posts that engage the interest of internet users. I do not consider myself to be in this category as I derive much more satisfaction from reading well written posts across a fairly broad spectrum covering technology, poetry, […]

This Raspberry Pi Powered Clock Shows Weather and Time

by SUZANNE HUMPHRIES Ever wanted to see the upcoming hourly forecast without having to open your smartphone or a website? We’ve got good news: this clever Raspberry Pi “WeatherClock” can do just that, displaying what the weather will be for each hour of the day! The WeatherClock’s analog dial displays a visual representation of the […]

Liar Liar

by Brian Harvison Acts 5:1-11 A single man named Jerry had a pet cat that he loved very much. One year, he decided to take a vacation to England, so he left his cat with his brother Dan. As soon as Jerry got to England, he called his brother Dan. “How is my cat?” he asked. […]

The children: “No money, no noise”.

What is one example of manipulation? answered by Savas Abdulhamid Cicekci, PhD Sociology & Socialpsychology, University of Tübingen When the children passed an old house on their way home from school, they were always rubbing their sticks on the balcony railing and enjoying the sound. The older owner, who had been bothered by the noise […]