Ray Dalio’s “The Changing World Order” Is One of the Most Important Books Ever Written

Here’s what you must know about it. Aure’s Notes | MEDIUM Ray Dalio is the founder and former CEO of Bridgewater Associates, the biggest hedge fund in the world. He entered the public eye in 2017 with his book Principles in which he detailed the elements that had helped him be successful. The Changing World Order is completely […]

Today’s Birthday (Oct 1)

Miguel de Cervantes (1547) Cervantes was a Spanish author best known for Don Quixote de la Mancha, his novel about an aging “knight.” A superb burlesque of the popular romances of chivalry, the work was an enormous success and has had an indelible effect on the development of the European novel. Cervantes himself led an […]

Days of Zondo (RSA)

DAILY MAVERICK “Over 3 years, the Zondo Commission heard testimony in 429 hearings from hundreds of people; 779 videos were broadcast on television screens or desktops as people watched while they worked, as well as on the mobile phones of a transfixed nation. The testimony is contained in 429 transcripts over 138,019 pages. That is 276 reams of paper about the story of corruption in […]

How Much Is Left?

by Jamie Todd Rubin There is one question I ask myself to determine how much I am enjoying (or not enjoying) the book that I am reading: How much is left? When sitting with a paper book it is an easy question to answer. One look at my position in the book tells me that I’ve just […]

High Value Book Appraisal

Chumlee’s job is in jeopardy when he purchases a book signed by Charles Lindbergh before verifying the signature. Can Rebecca save the day? Find out in this clip from Season 6, “That Sinking Feeling.” [Pawn Stars]

The Last Train Robbery

The Old West goes out with a bang in its last train robbery, leading a series of investigators down unexpected paths to a shocking conclusion. By Rhema Sayers | source : 1440 Daily Digest Fairbank, Arizona February 15, 1900 The sun had just set. Darkness surrounded the glow from the gaslights at the railway station […]

Forget Audible, Get a Library Card

by DANNY CHADWICK | Review Geek If you’re paying for a monthly audiobook subscription to a service like Audible or Kobo Books, you may not have to. Public libraries are still a thing, and they’ve arrived in the digital age with apps that may enable you to save money by delivering thousands of audiobooks and […]

Icebreakers with…author Michael Lewis

Before Michael Lewis became a bestselling author of books like The Big Short and Moneyball, he was a young bond salesman making boatloads of money on Wall Street in its most culturally ogled era—the 1980s. He eventually left his job to write about the fratty, excessive finance-world behavior he bore witness to in the book that launched his […]

Icebreakers with…The Power of Regret author Daniel Pink

Pink explains how regret can help us become better people By Neal Freyman | Morning Brew From failing to ask our crush out to drinking a little too much at a wedding, we’ve all experienced some form of regret. According to Daniel Pink’s new book, The Power of Regret, that’s actually a good thing: Regret can help us become […]