. .He slowly walked over to the drivers side door.

Q. What was the most satisfying display of instant karma you have ever seen? answered by Jeanie Walton (Life Coach and Private Music Teacher) I was driving in Yellowstone park many years ago. There was stopped traffic and a bit of snow on the ground. There were many beautiful bison meandering around the stopped traffic. […]

Tahoe could easily pull down and kill a man.

Q. Is it true that dogs can recognize a bad person just by smelling them? answered by Oliver Starr Ohh, have I got a story for you… This was Tahoe. He was one of my wolves several decades ago. Tahoe was no joke. At over 120 pounds and 33 inches at his shoulders, he was […]

She smacked him, good on her.

Q. What’s the most classic example of Aussie humor? answered by Michael Griffiths (Lives in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) There’s a train travelling through the mountains and in one carriage there sits an old lady, a beautiful young blonde backpacker, a New Zealand guy and an Aussie guy. The train goes through a dark tunnel and […]

I have Life

Q. What’s the most insane thing a human has survived? answered by Joseph Troika An amazing woman from my country South Africa by the name of Alison Botha who showed spectacular courage and a sheer will to live through one of the most horrific attacks to have ever taken place. Alison Botha was stabbed and […]

I suppose I should trade in my car after all.

Q. How do you talk down a car dealer? answered by Nick Ellis (Collector Car Sales and Restoration, 2007–present) Here’s something I tell everyone looking to trade in their old car while buying a new car. Let’s say the car you’re interested in has a sticker price of $20,000. You’ve done your research, and you […]

Sparta was finally sacked by the Visgoths.

Q. What happened to the Spartans after Rome conquered Greece? answered by Amos Greig (B.A. Hons Ancient History & English Literature, Queen’s University Belfast, Graduated 2012) There was a story told by a Roman writer who visited the region and described Sparta as a mountainous land with cowering old men and young boys. The Spartans […]

the Gunslinger walk.

Q. Why doesn’t Vladimir Putin swing his right arm when he walks? answered by Dima Vorobiev (Former Propaganda Executive at Russia) President Putin’s idiosyncratic way of walking, with his right arm almost immovable, and excessive torso swaying to compensate for this, has long puzzled everyone. Loyalists launched the “Gunslinger walk” theory. According to them, someone […]

The value of equal rights and fair treatment for women.

Q. What is that one picture that describes the lowest point in your life? answered by Raksharth Choudhary (Adventure Enthusiast, Software Developer, Artist) This is my mother, my hero, my everything. She was born and raised in a rural, conservative and an orthodox North Indian Family. This photo was taken for her prospective arranged marriage. […]