The whole thing creeped me out.

Q. Have you ever found an undisclosed secret room in a house you rented or bought? What treasures did it contain? answered by Lee Anthony (University of Sydney master of publishing) I once rented a house that was built behind another street-front house. We had to access it by using the front neighbour’s driveway (and […]

Since the idea of trying to predate on a bear is a suicide call.

Q. Why don’t predators eat hibernating bears? answered by Serge Elia – In love with animals since childhood Like the two others have said: Just because bears perform their annual hibernation doesn’t mean they’ll sleep unabated for the entire winter, because nothing prevents them from waking up in the blink of an eye when they […]

“Where’s my baby?”

Q. What moment in your life was so shocking that you didn’t even believe that it was happening? answered by Jenny March Worked at Loyola University Chicago (2002–2019) Forty six years ago when I was 24 I had my first child. Right after I delivered my son the doctor immediately had me put to sleep […]

Is that how selfish ppl have become?

Q. What happens to adults with Down syndrome when their parents can’t look after them any more? answered by Jodie Bishop Just a short back story here. I am the 3rd child of 6 kids. My mom had a stillbirth of her 5th child and my sister Kathy, is her 6th. Kathy was born with […]

“the Powder Donut defense.”

Q. What is the most unorthodox way someone was ever proven innocent in court? answered by Bruce Tharpe, Attorney (1989-present) I had a client one time on trial for possession of cocaine. We went to trial because we had nothing to lose. My client had been to prison three times. He had just gotten out. […]

In the EU the consumer’s right to be safe is paramount.

Q. Why do American chicken farms soak their chicken in chlorine when it’s illegal in Europe? answered by Mats Andersson, Professional Translator English into Swedish (1991-present) Two reasons. The general reason is that the use of chlorine is harmful to the environment in various ways, and it is much more restricted in Europe. The specific […]