Can Facebook and Apple Keep a Secret?

Facebook responded to Barr by claiming his proposal would be a “gift to criminals, hackers, and repressive regimes.” Apple’s manager for user privacy said there’s no way to create back doors that “only work for the good guys,” adding, “They will be exploited by nefarious entities as well.” Facebook and Apple Spar With Lawmakers Over […]

Instagram is broken. It also broke us.

Influencers and regular users are reckoning with what Instagram has done to them. Now Instagram wants us to love it again. By Rebecca Jennings I downloaded Instagram in 2012, in the spring before what would be the worst summer of my life and the best autumn I’ve ever had. I remember them both vividly, sulking […]

Internet freedom is declining around the world – and social media is to blame

The news: Governments worldwide are increasingly using social media to manipulate elections and spy on citizens, think tank Freedom House has warned in its latest report. It’s the ninth year in a row that global internet freedom has dropped, according to its assessment of 65 countries. A new menace: Disinformation—false information spread deliberately to deceive […]