“Nader my God by U, nogsteeds naderby.” Die lied bring trane na my oe. Elke keer. Elke slag wanneer ek dit hoor. Elke keer wanneer ek dit sing. Enige plek. Enige tyd. “Nader my God by U, nogsteeds naderby.” Die onsinkbare skip, ‘Titanic’ het Southampton verlaat. Nooiensvaart, na New York. Drie dae op die ysige […]

Streaming Trivia.

In honor of Peacock’s launch, here’s a quiz on the streaming wars. We’ll give you a TV show, you have to determine the streaming platform it calls home. If you get a seven or more you watch too much TV. Example: Stranger Things = Netflix Avatar: The Last Airbender Most Dangerous Game Parks and Recreation […]

Huawei Gets a Taste of Brexit

by Neal Freyman UK Pulls a U-Turn, Bans Huawei Gear by 2027 We can’t tell you much about what’s going to happen in 2027, but we do know that British telecom companies won’t have any equipment from China’s Huawei in their networks. Yesterday, the UK government banned domestic firms from buying new equipment from Huawei […]

the Gunslinger walk.

Q. Why doesn’t Vladimir Putin swing his right arm when he walks? answered by Dima Vorobiev (Former Propaganda Executive at Russia) President Putin’s idiosyncratic way of walking, with his right arm almost immovable, and excessive torso swaying to compensate for this, has long puzzled everyone. Loyalists launched the “Gunslinger walk” theory. According to them, someone […]

Homemade biltong using a dehydrator.

by Wag ‘n Bietjie The word dehydrator sounds a bit ominous at first but it is indeed a very useful piece of equipment for the making of biltong, a dried meat enjoyed by South Africans and also other countries. Recently I modified a chest type container for use as a dehydrator and have successfully made […]

The value of equal rights and fair treatment for women.

Q. What is that one picture that describes the lowest point in your life? answered by Raksharth Choudhary (Adventure Enthusiast, Software Developer, Artist) This is my mother, my hero, my everything. She was born and raised in a rural, conservative and an orthodox North Indian Family. This photo was taken for her prospective arranged marriage. […]

I flat out refused.

Q. How do I stop being obsessed about someone? answered by Patrick Gordon· It all depends on you. About a year ago, I was obsessed with getting my ex back, even though she turned her back on me to peruse another guy, when i needed her the most might I add. I thought about her […]