She was desperately trying to motivate a slug.

I’m 19. My mommy told me she isn’t obligated to buy me anything, not even food, clothing, etc, and I’m freaking out about it. I’m her son and she’s supposed to look after me. What do I do now? answered by Ron Mak, Construction foreman, Manufacturing plant Supervisor Your mom is correct. And until you […]

Clickbait: Get a buzz drinking recycled toilet water.

Beer Made From Recycled Toilet Water Wins Admirers in Singapore by Sing Yee Ong (Bloomberg) — “NEWBrew” is no ordinary beer. The new Singapore blond ale is made with recycled sewage. The alcoholic beverage is a collaboration between the country’s national water agency, PUB, and local craft brewery Brewerkz. First unveiled at a water conference […]

Blackberry Hand Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches

By Momos75 | Instructable Last summer we had an abundance of blackberries in the garden so besides eating them straight from the bush I had the opportunity to try a number of uses of which ice cream was an absolute hit. Even more so, when combined with hand pies that made both pie lovers and […]

The Failed Promise of Trustlessness

Crypto’s dirty little secret is that it’s no more eliminated the need for trust than it has replaced the U.S. dollar. by Scott Galloway | Medium It’s been a bummer summer for crypto. Flagship coins Bitcoin and Ether are at multiyear lows, while lesser coins barrel to zero. Luna went from a market capitalization of $34 […]

Fluoride-Ion a Replacement for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Honda Institute Scientists Have Found A Fluoride-Ion Replacement For Lithium-Ion Batteries BY CARLOS ZOTOMAYOR | SolidSmack As far back as anyone can remember, batteries in our phones, flashlights, laptops, and other gadgets have all been powered by lithium-ion batteries. And while both the disposable and rechargeable versions could easily power tech of the late 90s […]

Shark stuck in Seal’s Neck!

The mystery is finally solved! Over the last few weeks, Naude and Denzil have rescues 2 seals with what they thought were stingray spikes sticking out of their necks. A little while ago they came across this guy on the beach, and they finally had an answer. This young male cape fur seal had a […]