The Beginning of the End for Huawei?

In a significant blow to Chinese device maker Huawei’s mobile business, Google pulled the company’s Android license over the weekend. Intel, Qualcomm, and other hardware vendors followed suit by ending relationships with Huawei, dealing a potential death blow to the company. This decision follows last week’s executive order from the White House to block Chinese […]

All three at once, please.

One day, an older man came into my bar and ordered three beers. I asked if he wanted one after another, or all three at once. “All three at once, please.” I poured as he asked, and offered unsolicited advice (it’s what we bartenders do, after all), that if he sips from each one in […]

Hoe om… lief te hê

deur Liesel Krause-Wiid Daar is die staaltjie van ’n man wat bid: “Ek het vandag nog met niemand lelik gepraat nie. Ek het nog niemand geskel nie, ek was met niemand onbeskof nie, maar ek gaan nou-nou opstaan. Dan, Here, gaan ek U hulp regtig nodig kry.” Dis waaroor die lewe gaan, oor verhoudings. En […]

Kwetu Guest Farm – Giraffes In The Overberg

by Nicolette Kwetu Guest Farm is located just outside of Swellendam in the Overberg of South Africa. It is home to not only two beautiful giraffes, but also ostriches, wildebeest, kudu, bontebok, greybuck, eland, sabels, springbuck, reebuck and steenbuck. Numerous bird species, including fish eagle, secretary birds and our beautiful national bird, the majestic blue […]

What makes you mad in your everyday life?

answered by Charissa Enget, Blogger. Engineer. Rapper. Living in rural Thailand. Have you ever heard of “Begpackers”? They’re really common in Southeast Asia. These people fly to different countries and beg for money from the locals to continue traveling. Generally, the purpose of tourism, especially in a developing country like Thailand, is to bring money […]

Today’s Birthday (May 16)

Wladziu Valentino Liberace (1919) Liberace began playing piano at the age of 4, and by 16, he had appeared as a soloist with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He soon began giving concerts in flamboyant costumes with ornate pianos, and though he occasionally performed with symphony orchestras, he built his career primarily upon popular music. Hugely […]

Gewone geloof

Elke Christen word geroep om met hulle woorde vir die wêreld te wys in wie hulle glo. So moet hulle manier van doen ook in lyn wees met God se wil. Daarom is dit so belangrik dat alles wat ons doen by die liefde begin. Die volgende baie belangrike bousteen vir Christene is om aan […]