Instrument of Peace

YAHWEH-NISSI – Added lyrics to this song, as sung by the artist. Based on a favorite hymn of mine ‘Lord make me an instrument of praise’ – a prayer to Almighty God. In this version the words have been altered and also the word ‘Lord’ has sadly been omitted. Nevertheless I praise God for gifting […]

the Steeple Song on YouTube with Lyrics

I like reading the words to a song as the artist sings. This is my third attempt at adding subtitles to a video. The message of this song calls us to return to God’s work and fulfill our true purpose on earth as His creation. Enjoy! – Wag ‘n Bietjie  

Feeling Blue Is No Sin

Originally posted on Awethentiq®:
It Aint No Sin Feeling The Blues. I am posting this song for everyone feeling blue, for all the downtrodden, depressed, despondent, sufferers of disorders, bipolar or borderline personalities. ?Or whatever other condition may have you feeling below par. ?Take a listen to Don Francisco, just click on the link above.?