Plywood DML Speakers

By JGJMatt | Instructable Hello everyone This is a little obsession of mine… A few years ago I saw a video on Youtube about flat panel speakers and decided to have a go at making a pair. After listening to my first very basic pair I was addicted to the sound, it’s unlike anything I’ve […]

Are Flat Panel Speakers Really Any Good?

RELATED: DIY Vibration Speakers (DML Speakers) Flat panel speakers built from foam boards and Dayton Audio exciters can’t really sound good, right? Over on @Tech Ingredients they shared a design for “The World’s Best Speakers”. I just could not believe speakers made out of a $5 piece of foam board outperformed many bookshelf speakers, so […]

The Best Soundbars of 2021

by PETER CAO | Review Geek While full-on home theater setups with dedicated speakers are always preferred, not everybody has the space or budget for that. Home theater soundbars are the next best thing, however, and we’ve gathered the best soundbars you can buy across all the price ranges to fit your needs. Table of […]

Clickbait: John Lennon was the true culprit.

Paul McCartney says John Lennon ‘instigated’ the Beatles’ break-up by Mark Savage For almost 50 years, Sir Paul McCartney has shouldered the blame for breaking up the Beatles. The supposed evidence was a press release for his 1970 solo album, McCartney, where he revealed he was on a “break” from rock’s biggest band. Interviewing himself, Sir […]

What is hi-res audio and how can you experience it right now?

By Simon Cohen | digitaltrends High-resolution audio, hi-res audio, or even HD audio: Whatever you decide to call it (for the record, the industry prefers “hi-res audio”), it’s a catchall term that describes a type of digital audio that goes well beyond your garden-variety MP3 file. With several music streaming services like Deezer, Tidal, Amazon […]