Clifford Brown. Influences . Carrer

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Clifford Brown. Influences . Carrer Brown was born into a musical family in a progressive East-Side neighborhood of Wilmington, Delaware. His father organized his four youngest sons, including Clifford, into a vocal quartet. Around age ten, Brown started playing trumpet at school after becoming fascinated with the shiny trumpet his…

Where Have All the Guitar Heroes Gone?

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Guitar sales have dropped by a third over the past decade. On the Washington Post, Geoff Edgars tries to find out why. Maybe it’s because we don’t have guitar gods anymore. Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, that sound is — well — it’s old. And the new crop of stars…

Good Jazz

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The way to tell good jazz is that you don’t notice him till the song’s ‘most over. Good jazz sneaks up behind you and pulls down your shorts and then drinks your beer when you to turn to see what’s happening. You stumble and fall, wondering who did…

Instrument of Peace

YAHWEH-NISSI – Added lyrics to this song, as sung by the artist. Based on a favorite hymn of mine ‘Lord make me an instrument of praise’ – a prayer to Almighty God. In this version the words have been altered and also the word ‘Lord’ has sadly been omitted. Nevertheless I praise God for gifting […]