The Failed Promise of Trustlessness

Crypto’s dirty little secret is that it’s no more eliminated the need for trust than it has replaced the U.S. dollar. by Scott Galloway | Medium It’s been a bummer summer for crypto. Flagship coins Bitcoin and Ether are at multiyear lows, while lesser coins barrel to zero. Luna went from a market capitalization of $34 […]

What Happened to Celsius, the Crypto Lender?

by RJ FULTON | How-To Geek The crypto market has been rattled again in June 2022 due to a groundbreaking announcement made by crypto platform Celsius. The company announced it would no longer allow users to withdraw, swap, or transfer account balances. What Is Celsius? Celsius is a centralized lending and borrowing platform that’s been around since 2017.  Users […]

Is crypto winter coming? (And what is that?)

This isn’t a Game of Thrones thing. This is about a different alternate reality that quickly became a lucrative franchise: the crypto world. “Crypto winter” refers to an extended period of downtrending crypto prices, or when you see a bunch of guys in Hawaiian shirts in Miami who look sad, kind of like they just lost a […]

Bitcoin showing signs of comeback

Bloomberg | MyBroadBand Bitcoin rose the most in two weeks, trading above $30,000 as investors and strategists said the digital currency is showing signs of bottoming out. The largest cryptocurrency was up 5.2% to $30,687 at 2:21 p.m. in New York, its biggest increase since May 15. Ether and smaller tokens like Avalanche, which got […]

6 More weeks of crypto winter for Coinbase

Coinbase trading volumes, revenue are down CEO Brian Armstrong tweeted there’s “no risk” of bankruptcy. By Jamie Wilde | Morning Brew Coinbase shares skidded 26% yesterday after dropping a Q1 earnings report that showed less stability than a stablecoin. As economic growth and the value of cryptocurrencies crater, traders on the exchange have stopped flinging around crypto […]

Twitter Gets a New Crypto Bro CEO

by ANDREW HEINZMAN | REVIEW GEEK One crypto bro steps down; another comes to take his place. Just a few weeks after announcing his bid for Twitter, Elon Musk has entered a “definitive agreement” to purchase full ownership of the company. The deal is valued at around $44 billion, and upon its completion, Twitter will exit the […]

Icebreakers with…the co-founders of Web3 giant Alchemy

With the launch of a zillion NFT projects and other crypto experiments (DeFi apps, DAOs, etc.), the blockchain space is as wild as one of those giant inflatables at the car dealership. But there’s a company giving it a backbone: Alchemy. Founded in August 2017, the startup hit a $10+ billion valuation this February and […]

Maybe the biggest crypto heist ever

Axie Infinity’s Ronin Network suffers largest-ever crypto hack The Ethereum sidechain was drained of roughly $617 million worth of ETH and USDC. By Jamie Wilde Axie Infinity—an online game where users battle NFT critters to earn crypto—suffered the largest hack of digital funds to date last Wednesday. Developers discovered the breach yesterday morning, hopefully after they had […]

What happens to your Bitcoin when you die?

Inheriting bitcoin is harder than it sounds Your bitcoin can live on, even if you don’t. By Rebecca Heilweil | VOX Like a lot of Americans, Sandy Carter has been getting into crypto. She’s already amassed an impressive assortment of cryptocurrency and NFTs, and she even has a Lazy Lion, an NFT illustration of a […]