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May 2017

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I am a retired South African gathering articles of interest on various topics. Hopefully you will find some content to your liking and give recognition by adding a comment / clicking on like. You will find a mix of author & mainly reblog posts. Do read the ‘sticky’ entitled ‘reblogs’. For my part I will endeavor to keep adding fresh posts on a regular basis. Occasionally there will be Afrikaans articles for my South African friends & a link to an English version when possible.

‘Wag ‘n Bietjie’ is an Afrikaans expression meaning to tarry or linger a while.


(Today, Yesterday & the Day Before)

  • facile
    Definition: (adjective) Working, acting, or speaking with effortless ease and fluency. Synonyms: eloquent, silver-tongued, smooth-spoken, fluent, silver. Usage: Those facile and brilliant phrases and ideas struck me as the finest things I had yet known in literature, and I borrowed the book and read it through. Discuss
  • invertebrate
    Definition: (adjective) Lacking a backbone or spinal column; not vertebrate. Synonyms: spineless. Usage: The sixth grade class groaned in unison as the students learned that they would be dissecting worms during their study of invertebrates.
  • floorwalker
    Definition: (noun) An employee of a department store who supervises sales personnel and assists customers. Synonyms: shopwalker. Usage: Although Bill thoroughly enjoyed the raise associated with his promotion to floorwalker, he disliked answering customer complaints and sometimes wished he had remained a cashier.


(Today, Yesterday & the Day Before)

  • Cornelius Vanderbilt (1794)
    Cornelius was the patriarch of the famous Vanderbilt family. As a youth, he ferried freight and passengers in New York Harbor. As an adult, he gained control of most of the ferry lines around New York City and quickly expanded up and down the coast. He had similar success in the railroad business and died with an estate worth more than $100 million, the largest personal fortune accumulated in the US to that date. Why did Vanderbilt, who had 13 children, leave nearly everything to just one son? Discuss
  • Al Jolson (1886)
    Jolson was one of the most popular entertainers in the US in the 1930s. The son of a rabbi, he had planned to be a cantor but instead became a singer and comedian. By the age of 15, he was touring in vaudeville and minstrel shows. His 1909 blackface performance of "Mammy" was a hit, and he performed on Broadway and the radio. In 1927, he starred in the first feature-length "talkie," The Jazz Singer. How do scholars differ in their analysis of Jolson's use of blackface in his performances?
  • Beverly Sills (1929)
    Sills was an American operatic soprano. She sang on the radio as a child and made her operatic debut in 1946. Her 1966 performance in Julius Caesar made her an opera star, not just for her voice, but also for her acting. After 25 years of singing with the New York City Opera, she became its director, and she also served as chairman of the board of New York's Lincoln Center and of the Metropolitan Opera. In 2006, she claimed to have stopped singing, even in the shower, for what reason?


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