The Android App for Mozilla Thunderbird is Here (There’s a Catch!)

Mozilla Thunderbird is getting a mobile app, finally! Starting with an Android client while evaluating options for iOS. by Ankush Das | It’s FOSS Mozilla’s Thunderbird is a fantastic open-source email client. In fact, one of the best email clients for Linux. With its upcoming Thunderbird 102 update, things should get really exciting! To spice it up, […]

HP and System76 Teamed Up to Build a Powerful Linux Laptop

by CORBIN DAVENPORT | How-To Geek System76 has been selling some of the best Linux laptops for years, but now the company is teaming up with HP to sell the ‘HP Dev One’ — a laptop built for developers with System76’s custom flavor of Linux. System76 has plenty of its own laptops and desktops, and in 2017, it […]

‘Speek!’ : An Open-Source Chat App That Uses Tor

By Pratham Patel | It’s FOSS Brief: An interesting open-source private messenger that utilizes Tor to keep your communications secure and private. Speek is an internet messaging service that leverages multiple technologies to help keep your internet chats private. It is end-to-end encrypted, decentralized, and open-source. Undoubtedly, it aims to pitch itself as one of the WhatsApp […]

DuckDuckGo Hidden Features

Hidden Features! 25 Fun Things You Can Do With DuckDuckGo Search Engine By Abhishek Prakash DuckDuckGo is one of the alternative search engines that is less privacy intruding than the omnipresent Google. It has improved a lot lately and works quite satisfactorily for general web search. It is nowhere close to Google when it comes to local […]

10 Reasons to Run Linux in Virtual Machines

By Ankush Das | It’s FOSS You can run any operating system as a virtual machine to test things out or for a particular use case. When it comes to Linux, it is usually a better performer as a virtual machine when compared to other operating systems. Even if you hesitate to install Linux on […]

 Visual Changes in Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish [First Look]

Ubuntu 22.04 codenamed Jammy Jellyfish is a long term support release. It comes with new installer, firmware update app, improved support for Raspberry Pi, new application versions and Linux kernel. But that;s not the focus of this video. This one focuses on visual features, the changes that you can see. 22.04 has the latest GNOME […]

New Features That Make GNOME 42 an Awesome Release

GNOME 42 is an exciting release with apps porting to GTK 4, and a new dark style preference. What do you think about it? by Ankush Das | It’s FOSS GNOME 42 will be an interesting release. It includes noticeable visual changes and improvements to the desktop experience. Of course, the changes in GNOME 41 compliments the […]

Things to Know When Someone Says Linux is Tough

Is Linux tough? Why do people assume that it is? We highlight some common issues and shed light on it to make things easier. by Ankush Das Linux is the least popular desktop operating system (OS) when considering Windows, macOS, and Linux as our only choices. Linux powers most of the servers, but that is […]