Meet Sleek: A Sleek Looking To-Do List Application

By Abhishek Prakash | It’s FOSS You are here: Home / Software / Meet Sleek: A Sleek Looking To-Do List Application Meet Sleek: A Sleek Looking To-Do List Application Last updated March 22, 2021 By Abhishek Prakash 3 Comments There are plenty of to-do list applications available for Linux. There is one more added to that list in the form of Sleek. Sleek to-do List […]

Dual Booting Ubuntu and Windows With a SSD and a HDD

by Abhishek Prakash | It’s FOSS Dual booting Ubuntu and Windows is not that complicated and I have covered it in detailed tutorial in the past. Recently, I also wrote about dual booting on a Bitlocker encrypted Windows system. And yet here I am talking about it again. Why? Because the scenario is slightly different and several […]

Ubuntu Comes to M1 Macs with New Linux Port

by SUZANNE HUMPHRIES Linux enthusiasts rejoice—there’s a new Linux port for Apple’s M1 Macs that allows them to run Ubuntu! A security firm named Corellium just successfully ported Ubuntu to the new Macs and released a handy tutorial for anyone interested in installing it on their own computer. This Ubuntu includes USB support and boots into the […]

Good News! elementary OS is Coming to Raspberry Pi 4

by Shaswata Das The developers of elementary OS have announced their experimental builds for the ARM-based Raspberry Pi 4 series. This is not the first time elementary OS has ventured in ARM domain. They have been releasing their OS for ARM-based Pinebook Pro from August 2020. The latest elementary OS 5.1 release codenamed Hera is […]