Clickbait: A car that will ditch you if you miss your payments.

Ford seeks patent for cars that ditch you if payments missed Timely application as delinquencies rise with interest rates. A patent application from automaker Ford was published last week for embedded vehicle systems that facilitate an automobile’s repossession, including autonomously moving it to a repossession agency. The patent [PDF], which was filed in August, covers more ways […]

How ChatGPT Works: The Model Behind The Bot

by Molly Ruby | Medium-Tech A brief introduction to the intuition and methodology behind the chat bot you can’t stop hearing about. This gentle introduction to the machine learning models that power ChatGPT, will start at the introduction of Large Language Models, dive into the revolutionary self-attention mechanism that enabled GPT-3 to be trained, and […]

‘Be Kind to Yourself’

by BREITBART NEWS Dec. 30 (UPI) — Revered actor Anthony Hopkins has been sober for 47 years and in a just-released video, he celebrated the accomplishment, while providing encouragement for others. In the video, Hopkins shared how his past struggles with alcohol took a toll on his life. “I just had to acknowledge one day […]

Bronze Age shipwreck provides evidence of complex, long-distance supply chains built around trading tin ore.

Evidence hints miners in Central Asia provided a crucial metal to Mediterranean rulers By Bruce Bower Long-distance supply chains, vulnerable to disruptions from wars and disease outbreaks, may have formed millennia before anyone today gasped at gas prices or gawked at empty store shelves. Roughly 3,650 to 3,200 years ago, herders and villagers who mined tin […]

World’s first propeller with 11 blades completes first test flight

by Ameya Paleja | Interesting Engineering The world’s first 11-bladed propeller has successfully completed its first test flight, its developer MT-Propeller said in a press release. This marks yet another first for the developer who has previously made five, seven, and nine-bladed propellers before. The propeller on an aircraft converts the rotational energy of the engine […]

A New Molten Salt Battery Promises To Outperform Li-Ion.

By Cristian Agatie Li-Ion batteries power almost everything these days, thanks to their unique qualities. Although ubiquitous, they are not perfect, and research is underway to find better energy storage solutions. Aluminum-Sulfur batteries show promising characteristics, but progress has been limited. Researchers have been looking for decades to find the best battery cell formula. Right […]