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Five years as a pastry chef and I never learned how to poach an egg properly. It never came up. I liked crispy-fried eggs for my breakfast, when I wasn’t eating croissants at work. And then I landed in a new place, a mixture of happenstance and good friends, and…

Did You Know? (Sept 17)

Boston’s Beacon Hill used to be 58 feet higher than it is today—back in the early 19th century, the hill was excavated to provide huge amounts of fill for the shoreline and bodies of water such as Mill Pond. The excavation of Beacon Hill and the subsequent “massive filling” increased Boston’s land mass by 150 […]


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This lovely little Church of St Oswalds at Westmere, just north of Whanganui, is designed by Frederick De Jersey Clere.  Building started in 1914 and was finally completed in 1929.  (I have to wonder if the building was held back by the event of the First World War).  It is surrounded…