Working From Home Makes Cyberattacks More Likely

by Dave McKay COVID-19 forced many companies to adopt a working from home policy that saw staff using domestic computers over rushed implementations of remote access. That’s an open invitation for cybercriminals. COVID-19 Exploited By Cybercriminals Cybercriminals are extremely agile. Not in a gymnastic way, but in the way they can react rapidly to a […]

OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma pleads guilty in criminal case

By GEOFF MULVIHILL Purdue Pharma pleaded guilty Tuesday to three criminal charges, formally taking responsibility for its part in an opioid epidemic that has contributed to hundreds of thousands of deaths but also angering critics who want to see individuals held accountable, in addition to the company. In a virtual hearing with a federal judge […]

If Bitcoin is Shrek, Ethereum is Donkey

Bitcoin is flirting with all-time highs, but that other cryptocurrency you might have heard of, Ethereum, has actually been outperforming big, bad bitcoin over the last 12 months. Alts are also rockin’ Bitcoin is the biggest, but hardly the only, cryptocurrency out there. Alternative coins (altcoins) like Ripple and Litecoin have been trending upwards in […]

The Most Scenic Train Trips in the U.S.

Before the interstate opened and air travel became more affordable, the most relaxing (and fashionable) way to travel the United States was by train. Some of those epic train trips still exist and there’s still nothing quite like the unhurried pace of riding the rails as you enjoy breathtaking views of the American landscape. Take […]