What Comes After the Pop?

by NEAL FREYMAN | Morning Brew The fizzle. Some of the biggest companies to IPO in 2020 and early 2021 are finding the public markets to be less inviting than a middle school boy’s treehouse. The Renaissance IPO ETF, which holds a number of public companies that IPOed within the last two years, has fallen […]

Once again, listen for yourself with your eyes closed and decide.

Q. What makes one speaker sound better than another? answered by Frank Malitz, Owner Bob Carver Corporation (2015-present) First, it’s a challenge requiring research and development. One of the big issues we have in my industry is many engineers rely on measurements instead of their ears. We have never been able to correlate the measurements […]

Today’s Birthday (May 12)

Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin (1910) Hodgkin developed a passion for chemistry at an early age and went on to become a leader in the field of X-ray crystallography. In 1948, she and her colleagues made the first X-ray photograph of vitamin B12—one of the most complex nonprotein compounds—and eventually determined its atomic arrangement. Her work in […]

Banting Buttermilk Rusks (Sugar & Spice)

by Siobhan Have you missed these foodie posts?  Last month I did a post on Creamy Parmesan Garlic Mushroom Chicken, but I didn’t just provide you with a recipe and leave you to it.  I took a recipe that I found on Pinterest, and I guided you through my first time making that meal.  Also included […]

Watch a Video of Tesla’s Cybertruck Zipping Through NYC

By SUZANNE HUMPHRIES | reviewgeek On Saturday, New Yorkers got a rare glimpse of Tesla’s still-unreleased Cybertruck as it cruised past Manhattan’s Radio City Music Hall just before Elon Musk’s appearance on Saturday Night Live. Shortly after, Tesla tweeted a brief video of the drive. Tesla’s video netted an inevitable, though underwhelming, response from Musk who tweeted “Great […]

This 3D Printer Uses Sawdust to Make Real Wood Stuff

by CORY GUNTHER | reviewgeek This week, a company named Desktop Metal announced its all-new 3D printers that use wood waste and sawdust for 3D printing, and it looks awesome. Yes, imagine using wood with your 3D printer to create all sorts of stuff. The brand, Forust, looks to save trees by using wood waste to create […]