by HesterLeyNel   These daylilies, grown by my husband in huge quantities in our garden in Gauteng, South Africa, resulted in a mass colorful display every summer. Daylilies typically last no more than 24 hours. The flowers of most species open in early morning and wither during the following night, possibly replaced by another one […]

Did You Know? (Jan 17)

The stereotypical French uniform—the portrayal of French people, men especially, in English language films and cartoons wearing a black and white striped shirt and a beret—is likely derived from French onion salesmen found in Britain in the early 1900s who wore such outfits.

Head to Beachy Head!

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Beachy Head are the highest chalk cliff headlands in the United Kingdom. The spectacular cliff tops of Beachy Head are a must see for all visitors to Eastbourne and the South Downs. Walk up from the western end of Eastbourne seafront or cycle from the start of the South Downs Way. The…

Leviathan Wakes (The Expanse #1)

author: James S.A. Corey Humanity has colonized the solar system – Mars, the Moon, the Asteroid Belt and beyond – but the stars are still out of our reach. Jim Holden is XO of an ice miner making runs from the rings of Saturn to the mining stations of the Belt. When he and his […]

Lost child

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Here comes another blog about children and their development, as I have been working closely with students, I find this topic connected to me. In this era of technology and smartphones, the most impacted lobby is our young ones. Because neither they are adults not technology is the need of…

Did You Know? (Jan 11)

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The word cancer comes to us by way of the ancient physician Hippocrates, who used the Greek terms “carcinos and carcinoma” or “crab” to describe instances of cancer he encountered, based on the finger-like projections that gave the cancer masses a crab like appearance. The Greek terms were later translated by…