Friday Heirloom 6: Creos, Sainte-Julie (Canada)

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(English, Français, Español, Italiano) Iceberg in Bruxelles. Photo credit: EventAttitude When art meets reality, functional spaces arise. Friday Heirloom 6 is a trip to Sainte-Julie, a small town in Québec, Canada, to present the work of Creos, a creative firm offering its know-how to transform public spaces into vibrant and attractive…

Why We Still Can’t Quit F. Scott Fitzgerald

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It’s been almost a century since a 23-year-old F. Scott Fitzgerald penned “The I.O.U.,” a short story that pokes fun at the publishing industry’s obsession with sensation over substance. But until now, you couldn’t read it; it was among Fitzgerald’s still-unpublished papers. Last week, the long-lost story appeared in The New Yorker, another…

Percy Ross Wants to Give You Money!

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Jacqui Shine | Longreads | July 2017 | 23 minutes (5,700 words)  Percy Ross was a trash-bag tycoon, a serial entrepreneur who had made millions in plastics in the 1960s and relished spending it. But in 1977 he staged an astonishing reinvention. Ross would become a philanthropist — and not just any…

Did you know? [jul 19]

Throughout England, you’ll find numerous hills named “beacon hill”, the name is a holdover from an earlier time in English history when those hills were part of a fire beacon warning communication system. The Spanish Inquisition, formally known as the “Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition”, was established November 1, 1478, but wasn’t […]

Straight to my hips

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I was meeting friends straight from work this evening, and knowing that quantities of wine would be involved, I decided that I’d better eat something reasonably substantial. Olives wouldn’t really cut it in the defence stakes tonight! I popped into Patty and Bun in Soho, a small, rather hipster burger…