Will South Africa become a new Zimbabwe?

Tendai Chiguware, worked at University of Fort Hare As someone who has lived in both Zimbabwe and South Africa I’ll give this a crack. When I was growing up in the 80s and 90s, Zimbabwe had a huge population of Mozambicans most who had fled the civil war in their country. They would do all […]

A ‘small’ good deed.

A man was asked to paint a boat. He brought with him paint and brushes and began to paint the boat a bright red, as the owner asked him. While painting, he noticed that there was a small hole in the hull, and quietly repaired it. When finished painting, he received his money and left. […]

What does it feel like to become poor after being wealthy? (1)

Jerry Strazzeri, Analytical Lead at Google (2016-present) I can tell the experience of a friend. who married a woman who was multi-millionaire since birth. Saying that they were rich is an understatement. They only flew first or business class, he got a new Porsche or Mercedes every single year and they lived in the best […]

WordPress 5.0: A Gutenberg FAQ

Matt, November 29, 2018 We are nearing the release date for WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg, one of the most important and exciting projects I’ve worked on in my 15 years with this community. I knew we would be taking a big leap. But it’s a leap we need to take, and I think the end […]