Hymn Story : Amazing Grace

by Richard Niell Donovan John Newton crammed a lot of living into his 82 years.  His mother died when he was six years old, and he joined his father at sea when he was eleven.  He served his apprenticeship as a sailor, and rose through the ranks until he became the captain of a slave […]

Albania’s Blood Feuds

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Our neighbor accidentally drove over our lawn, dislodging a decorative boulder that I put in, but he never mentioned it. We could see the tire tracks from his side of our shared driveway. He probably saw me digging another hole to put the giant rock back in. It was just a…

Finally Seeing the Forest for the Trees

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Maura Kelly | Longreads | November 2017 | 15 minutes (3,727 words) Growing up in suburban New Jersey, I never got the whole nature thing. In my middle-class town, surrounded by neatly engineered housing developments, the little “nature” I knew was unnatural. The grass of the boxy lawns, stripped of dandelions,…

Did You Know? (Nov 14)

If you’re not a fan of spiders, we’d strongly encourage you to avoid the island of Guam—after the invasive brown treesnake wiped out the native birds on the island, the spider population skyrockted to 40 times that of nearby islands.

Contrail – #chemtrails

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Just a quick revisitation of this issue. Having spent a few days at an airfield where gliders are operated, I came to the knowledge that even engine-less aircraft can create these cloud trails around vortices at wingtips. I have sat in many an airliner, saw it happen in the right atmospheric…

How Does God Feel About Mental Illness?

by Catherine Townsend-Lyon | Tony Roberts last week, Tony began a subscriber survey that has thus far proven very fruitful. He learned more about who his readers are and what they are looking for when they visit Delight In Disorder…  “Some of the most revealing content came from the comments provided in the “other” category. When […]