Did You Know? (July 16)

When placed into water, a can of Diet Coke floats and a can of regular Coke sinks; the artificial sweetener used in the Diet Coke is both less dense and in a smaller amount than the more dense sugar used in regular Coke. Advertisements

I am a Zebra!!

Q. Has anyone ever correctly diagnosed someone? answered by Leslie Jean Rhodes, CCU/ICU, OB, Neonatal, Geriatrics, ER& Trauma ER, Med Surg Sure. I approached a family at Wal-Mart. The husband was about 6′4″, and solid. The wife about 5′ tall with a baby in the cart seat. I had to stop her. He kept on […]

Article of the Day (14 July)

Villa of the Papyri The Villa of the Papyri, as it is now known, was a private home owned by Julius Caesar’s father-in-law in the ancient Roman city of Herculaneum. In 79 CE, the eruption of Vesuvius covered the entire city with volcanic ash, including the villa, which was situated halfway up the volcano’s slope. […]

Common Travel Photography Mistakes

by HARRY GUINNESS  Every budding photographer makes a blunder here and there. Here are seven common travel photography mistakes you should avoid. Traveling to a new place is one of the most exciting ways to push yourself and your photography. You can go on dedicated photo trips or just bring your camera along on your […]

You know, I’ve been wondering about that myself.

Q. As a physician, what is the best lie that a patient has told you? answered by Kimber Stout, M.D. American College of Cardiology & Physics, UAMS College of Medicine (1970) Long but true story, from many years ago when I had to ‘moonlight’ in ERs to pay bills. About 2AM on a Saturday night, […]

Today’s Birthday (10 July)

John Calvin (1509) Calvin was a French theologian and a major figure of the Protestant Reformation. In 1531, he became part of a movement that emphasized salvation by grace rather than by works. By 1555, Calvin had succeeded in establishing a theocracy in Geneva, where he served as pastor and head of the Genevan Academy […]

This 4-Port USB Wall Charger is Fantastic.

It seems like everything plugs into a USB port these days, and your house ends up littered with USB charger bricks of varying sizes that force you to plug in a ton of power strips just to charge everything. But no more. This POWRUI wall charger combines 4 fast-charging USB ports with 3 regular AC […]