“this is not right” – freelance critic

Just checking how well I could do a portrait in a crowd. It went OK. Some dude reaches across and points to his left eye and says “this is not right” – freelance critic. One in every crowd. Another guy points to Tasso’s empty beer mug and says “That’s why he looks so sad”

An artist’s firm grip on the banal cuts to what is real

By Mary Corrigall Aviwe Plaatjie’s first solo exhibition at Ebony/Curated is a hit despite the mundanity it presents. Aviwe Plaatjie could not have arrived at a better time on our art scene with his exhibition Makwande.  Shifts in the art market and society have primed us in a way to receive his art with open arms. […]

Appreciating Art and the Artist.

“We’re so often told that art can’t really change anything. But I think it can. It shapes our ethical landscapes; it opens us to the interior lives of others. It is a training ground for possibility. It makes plain inequalities, and it offers other ways of living.” Olivia Laing

Giant Brushstroke Paintings Reveal the Same Place in Two Wildly Different Time Periods

By Margherita Cole Munich-based painter David Ambarzumjan continues to expand on his series Brushstrokes in Time, in which two wildly different landscapes converge on the same canvas. Each painting features a striking comparison of two distinct time periods, where one is contained within a broad, expressive brushstroke that sweeps through the composition. This isn’t the […]

Rockets into Roses

An Israeli artist has turned weapons of destruction intounique, hand-crafted art, judaica and jewelry. If you’relooking for the ultimate gift from Israel, look no further! In recent years, nearly 20,000 rockets of terror have been fired into Israel. Israeli artist Yaron Bob transforms these objects of destruction into expressions of beauty and peace. Rockets into […]

Mom and daughter overachieve with sidewalk chalk drawings.

Mother-Daughter Duo Turns Their Sidewalk Into an Amazing Gallery of 3D Chalk Art By Margherita Cole In Fort Worth, Texas, there’s a mother-daughter duo painting the streets with incredible, three-dimensional drawings. Professional artist Jan Riggins specializes in animal portraits in a variety of media, including watercolor and oil. Recently, Riggins has taken her talents outdoors […]