Mom and daughter overachieve with sidewalk chalk drawings.

Mother-Daughter Duo Turns Their Sidewalk Into an Amazing Gallery of 3D Chalk Art By Margherita Cole In Fort Worth, Texas, there’s a mother-daughter duo painting the streets with incredible, three-dimensional drawings. Professional artist Jan Riggins specializes in animal portraits in a variety of media, including watercolor and oil. Recently, Riggins has taken her talents outdoors […]

This seemingly impossible street art pops off the wall.

Illusory Street Typography Pops Off the Wall in Bold Murals by Ben Johnston by Vanessa Ruiz Toronto-based designer Ben Johnston plays with color, shadow, and perspective to create typography that appears three-dimensional in his site-specific murals. He’s a self-taught designer, spending time in the agency world of South Africa before moving back to his home […]

Italian artist illustrates some good coronavirus news.

Tired Of All The Bad Coronavirus News, This Artist Decided To Illustrate Some Good Ones (15 Pics) Like Demilked on Facebook Mauro Gatti is an Italian artist who started The Happy Broadcast Instagram account after getting fed up with hearing bad news. There the artist illustrates “anxiety-free” news and his cheerful illustrations are just what […]

Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania

Dawie Fourie Arts – My latest painting. It was a commission from a friend who has, over the last 18 years, commissioned about 30 paintings from me. Her reference photo showed an elephant grazing amid a field of yellow flowers in the Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania. I re-interpreted the brief and came up with this […]

These 30 drawings will make you feel guilty about society.

This Polish Artist Creates Eye-Opening Illustrations That Perfectly Capture Everything That’s Wrong With Today’s Society (30 Pics) Pawel Kuczynski is a 43-year-old artist from creates meaningful and eye-opening illustrations that perfectly capture everything that’s wrong with our society. In his illustrations, the artist discusses topics like corruption, pollution, and social media addiction, disguising everything in […]