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She was tired and exhausted But she knows she cannot be defeated Her journey was a long one But she can’t let all of her achievements be gone She wasn’t perfect, she wasn’t a role model She never was the kind of girl that was always capable But she…


By Michelle Adam Giving Thanks  The corn tassels arch their backs toward the sky as their leaves, once a soft emerald green, bow to the ground in brittle surrender to a breeze carrying winter’s darkness on her shoulders. This ancient seed of corn sprouted, once again, purple, beige, yellow, a muted blue, and gave herself in […]

A Year Ago

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‘Twas last year on this very day Giant rats flooded the streets It seemed they found a place to play As they tore the town to bits Found in every nook and corner Of houses, stores and bus The town was pretty soon taken over With no piper to save…

sine qua non

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shape shifting balance a cabal metamorphosis of stigmatized beliefs apocalyptic orders of a new world order hegemony of freemasonry setting a paradigm greens riding on the backs of globalists.. a peace tourniquet surgery of the brain without anesthesia scalpels like daggers piercing concise incisions cloning ellipsis revolution of the invasion alien…