Drowned like puppies

By TheAnxietyJunkie I’ve seen my share of sad men Down and outs by the bus station Sharing cigarette butts and sherry, Clean shaven men in traffic jams Twisting the dials of their radios Searching in the static for Something better, something other. I have seen men fall from grace Like meteors they plunged Into greasy […]

night’s alchemy

Originally posted on yaskhan:
Fireflies lambent In twilight’s emerald hue… Night lays bare its scent. Fireplace burns hushed time As crackle of flames glitter On evening’s chemise… Satiny stars flicker Splattering across ebony Breathing jeweled dew… Night’s alchemy lures Syncopated rhapsody In moonlit octave… Sleep shadows the eyes Like keeper of the night Stars rhythm…

october stars

Originally posted on yaskhan:
In the poetry of stars I sing songs of solitude In an awakening night The wind slips me dreams… Clouds and moon play peek-a-boo Gathering dancing shadows On a siver dewed landscape A breeze anchors me Among night blossoms A virginal moon plays Song of the stars

Dear innerthoughts

Originally posted on MY WORLD.:
You confuse me You not sure of what’s best for me. You exhaust me. You make me question. You make me wonder, And yet! you never give solutions. DEAR I inner Thoughts. I erase you from my mind for all you do is leave questions with no answers, wonderings confusions…

Land of the Sleeping Things

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I wade through mercury waters A land speckled crimson Peppered bloody, hematic and sore Swollen, cancerous rocks, bloated, bulging  and inflamed Under a sickly sky, the trees gaunt and rawboned, they reach, beseech, leeching for a way out of their roots Marks like swords – what has been here before? It…

The Fig Tree

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Potted and little, she once was… A simple gesture of thanks, A token of recognition and friendship. Now a heavenly sanctuary of leaves, She looms protectively proud… A shady retreat for Sunday picnics, Wholesome gatherings and fatigued parents Tiny tots, nursery rhymes and gay abandon. Scholarly summer lessons and…


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She was tired and exhausted But she knows she cannot be defeated Her journey was a long one But she can’t let all of her achievements be gone She wasn’t perfect, she wasn’t a role model She never was the kind of girl that was always capable But she…