Apocalyptical seasons

Originally posted on Seeing the whisper:
? ? Apocalyptical seasons ? A blood moon frolicked to the astronomic blood dance, positioned in tyranny with humanity’s fading memory of inequity. All the weight on the scale of justice licks at the past, licking at its magical poison while changing the season’s garment. And the stain that plagues our mortality, a curse of birth with libations free flowing in heaven is only a dream catcher of mockery. The potter’s wheel spins me with a vertiginous hand shaping the universe that has had a message sent into the invisible, While all is hidden in a paradox, sealed with the fingers of flames which write secrets with an enigmatic line in the sands of defiance. Life grips the house of infinity with the windows of chance reflecting an image of incessant jargon; a blind image sewn into the clouds of forewarning. You become a belief in your own creation releasing the waltz of nightmares that scratch at your essence to the chagrin of the last dot of spilled ink. You witness images that chill your bones and stir you in the vortex of hostility. The purging extension of pantomimes mimicking solitude throw pestilence to the mind which jars the clanking of euphemistic prison bars. The multitude driven to insanity with no shady corners to be hidden and no refuge from predictions and prophecies that have gone mad. And the dragon’s shadow heeds no warning from the old soul travelling with the pen of sorrows. All has been seen before in the storm of tears, filling with transient thoughts of water, spilling from frames within a frame. The siblings of the vine serenade an evil empire with a betrayal of crossing over, within the schism of nothingness. I sewed the stars together glittering the sky with twinkles – a last hope of bread crumbs to see beforehand what is to come. Within my globe many clouds rose from the earth in the heat wave of winds dispersing destruction: An advisory to mankind of a bubbling cauldron of apocalyptical seasons and the thorns of the rose brewing with a candle’s tear of horror. And there it was. A blood moon. A sackcloth sun. Apocalypse. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?…

The Winter Faerie

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The Winter Faerie Once upon a Winter’s night Underneath a full moon bright The Winter Faerie did appear Followed by her snow white deer She scattered snowflakes with her hand All across the sleeping land From underneath an ice-covered tree A curious rabbit woke up to see A snow globe world…

A Shimmering Shawl

Who are you, that sets the stage, Gnaws on my heart, till I spew on the page. Withers my core, with your shifting pace, Eluding me, the more I trace, A thousand dreams to rearrange, A thousand word… Source: A Shimmering Shawl


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THE RIGHTEOUS STOP. GIVE WAY. NO RIGHT TURN. GO IN THAT DIRECTION. OBEY THE LAW. CONFORM. BOW DOWN. PAY SOME DAMN ATTENTION. No not us, we won’t comply. We don’t need your correction. To us your rules do not apply. We have no imperfection. ICONOCLASTS, REBELS, OUTLAWS, VILLAINS! OH…

Colour of Sin

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The woman, accompanied by a little girl, enters the church with harried steps; she genuflects in the poorly lit nave, surrounded by saints with stony stares. Her lips move quickly—with fervour—she mutters prayers which fly up into the ether. The little girl, all of five years old, who knows she must be still…


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                                                       Hey      remember that time you completely disappeared        Where did you go    I don’t know they stood single file outside of the window and the door                                      as if they somehow knew                 those were the only ways in or was it that perhaps they knew…