“Good Evening Commander Bond”

Q. How did they manage to get Queen Elizabeth II to act alongside James Bond at the London Olympics? answered by Adeline Peterson According to the director Danny Boyle, he’d been planning to do the piece as it is, only with a lookalike, and he got in touch with the palace asking if he could […]

It’s absolutely maddening.

Q. What order do professional cooks cringe at when they see it on an order ticket? answered by Ronald Hokanson, Executive Chef, Executive Pastry Chef Duck Breast. By a mile. All cooks hate it. Anthony Bourdain mentions it in his book Kitchen Confidential, (always referring to it as “Oh no, Duck Breast). You have to let it rest […]

Our Lilly….out sized and out reputation-ed by our other dogs

Q. What is the scariest thing your pet ever brought into the house? answered by Michelle Clark Miller, Executive Administrative Assistant (2000-present) It wasn’t scary, but it sure scared our kid. One night, our street rescue Lilly, a tough little beagle/pitty mix, decided that SHE wanted to help feed the family. So, while my husband […]

Nope. I pay for it, I keep it

Q. Have you or your child ever broken something expensive in a store? What happened? answered by Paul Gobat Yes. When my youngest daughter was about 12 she knocked an $80 figurine off a shelf. The owner was on us like flies on sugar demanding that we immediately pay for the item. “Of course!” I said, “I […]

I thought it was sadistic because his own father had to live in that house until somewhere could take him and the house needed to be livable for him until then.

Q. What is the most sadistic thing you have seen one of your family members do? answered by Amanda Todd, Home Health Aide, Aspiring Author My mother’s mother passed about 5 or 6 years ago. When she did, her husband was still living in their house. He had given my mother permission to use his […]