Nature is talking to you, are you listening?

by Richard Joseph Strachan, Pharmacist at Rite Aid (company) (2021–present) “Drink water from the spring where horses drink. The horse will never drink bad water. Lay your bed where the cat sleeps. Eat the fruit that has been touched by a worm. Boldly pick the mushroom on which the insects sit. Plant the tree where […]

‘No way this one is on us.’

by Richard Joseph Strachan | I want to show the good and beautiful that is in our world Credit goes to Jeffrey Anderson “Today a lady and her mother and husband came in to our Home Depot telling us that the insurance company may or may not pay for their little boy’s walker, so they […]

A fantastic story of an enduring friendship!

What is an insane coincidence that you’ve experienced? answered by Anurag Bagalkot, PhD Fellow in Mechanical Engineering & 3D Printing, University of Canterbury (Graduated 2019) I met my wife during college, it was the first time we had ever seen each other, and we got to know each other very well and started dating. We […]

Julian Beever is one amazing artist.

What are some mind blowing drawings you have seen? answered by Dylan Owens, lives in The United States of America There’s this man called Julian Beever that does INCREDIBLE sidewalk art. Look at this: Here’s the exact same drawing, from a different angle. He toys around with perspective to make amazing 3D pieces of art. […]

Do YOU smile if you have gas?

What are the happiest pictures you have seen? answered by Heo Su Myeong, IT from Seoul National University (2016) 1. The Little rat who got his own birthday cake. 2. One-Year-Old Lincoln Rose Smith Learns To Walk with President. 3. This little chihuahua who can’t contain his happiness. 4. This guy getting attacked by bunnies. […]