Only in Japan

Q What is an “Only in Japan” moment? answered by Marty Hafner (Owner, Cafe Carp – 2019 to present) One day, in Tokyo, an elderly man stepped a bit too early into the crosswalk. Had I not pulled him back, a car would have hit him. He then followed me around and grabbed me gently […]

Ok so you may be having a baby today!

Q. What was something small you went to the doctor for that turned out to be very significant? answered by Rachel Jones (Shift Manager at McDonald’s – fast food chain) Went to a routine prenatal appointment at 35 weeks 2 days along. They took my blood pressure, the nurse looks at me puzzled, retakes it, […]

You should keep practicing.

Q. What don’t you like about Germany? answered by Steve Peterson (Studied at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Graduated 1982) I attended a German high school as a teenager and lived with a German family for a year. My grandparents are German and met many relatives while living there. The German family I lived with […]

Only thing I said was 8 FEET ma’am

Q. What is the rudest, most disrespectful thing someone has done to you while shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic? answered by Ken Smithy (Lives in The United States of America) I’m a carpenter. So, most of the time I have a tape measure on me. I stopped by the dollar store to pick up some […]

A second-party adoption

Q.Has a babysitter ever said something to you which was completely unexpected? answered by Michael Callahan (dated and happily married a widowed mother, adopted her son) Our usual “babysitter” is also my wife’s youngest sister who has lived with us for six years along with her daughter (1.5 YO when they joined our household). They […]