It started with an eagle-eyed sighting on a flight, and it ended with a marathon in the mud.

“This started as an operation to extract two giraffes — and ended with a surprise orphan rescue mission!” “On 19th November, one of our pilots spotted two giraffes stuck in the perimeter trench for the NIB irrigation scheme on Galana. Ground teams tried to reach them, but a deluge of rain impeded their progress. They […]

8-Year-Old Boy Finds Huge Prehistoric Fossil Shark Tooth.

by ETHAN LETKEMAN An eight-year-old boy made the “find of a lifetime” while on a fossil digging tour during a family vacation in South Carolina. Riley Moore of Pennsylvania recently discovered a 4.75″ angustiden fossilized tooth, from a giant prehistoric shark, at the Palmetto Fossil Excursions facility in Summerville, located approximately 25 miles east of Charleston. […]

Masters of Disguise: . .Insects From Costa Rica to Malaysia Show Off Their Expert Camouflages

by GRACE EBERT Nature’s propensity for survival continuously manifests in surprising ways, and thanks to David Weiller (previously), we’re able to witness some of the most clever disguises of the insect world. The photographer captures a wide array of critters and their deceptive traits, from the Malaysian geometer moth and its expert camouflage as a dead leaf […]

Fan-favorite walrus put down in Norway

Freya, a 1,300-pound walrus that delighted onlookers in Oslo, Norway, this summer, was euthanized by authorities on Sunday. The country’s Directorate of Fisheries said the decision was “based on an overall assessment of the continued threat to human safety” presented by Freya, and came after ruling out all other options. The irony is, it was humans who […]

Rare Flash Flooding In Death Valley

By Nicole Bonaccorso | the Weather Channel At a Glance A record amount of rain caused flash flooding at Death Valley National Park. All roads remain closed within the park. Death Valley is the hottest place on Earth and the driest place in North America. Photos show the damage left behind after the flood. Record-breaking […]