Ode to an Orca

A photographer takes the plunge into forbidding waters off Norway for an extraordinary encounter with orcas Photographs and Text by Pete McBride The water is cold inside Norway’s northernmost fjords. When I slipped in headfirst, wearing a thick wetsuit, the 40-degree Fahrenheit surface temperature made the water feel dense and biting on my exposed face. Diving […]

Wildlife Aid

We’ve seen foxes stuck in everything from garden fences to car tyres, but this particular patient (filmed for Wildlife SOS series 9) left us scratching our heads a little! He was rushed into the centre after the RSPCA found him with his whole head stuck in a metal pipe. Despite efforts, Simon and the team […]

Frisky venomous sea snakes are confusing divers for their mates

By Jack Guy, CNN (CNN) Highly venomous olive sea snakes may “attack” scuba divers as part of misplaced courtship behaviors, according to a new study.Divers regularly report sea snake interactions involving chasing and biting, the reasons for which were previously unclear.Now a study published in journal the Scientific Reports suggests that male sea snakes may think divers are potential rivals or […]

Clickbait: Ice worms emerge from Pacific Northwest glaciers.

‘It’s happening’: Ice worms emerge in Pacific Northwest glaciers By Monica Danielle, AccuWeather senior producer “It’s happening,” scientist Scott Hotaling told a reporter for OPB as he gestured across Paradise Glacier high up on Mount Rainier in Washington. He was referencing hundreds of thousands of tiny, black worms emerging from a vast expanse of white snow. Ice worms were […]

Icebreakers with…Erika Thompson of Texas Beeworks

If there are two constants in Erika Thompson’s life, they are: Texas and bees. She started Texas Beeworks in 2014, became a full-time beekeeper in 2019, and signs all her emails with “Bee Well.” But she’s most famous for documenting her calm bee removal services on TikTok. After strapping into a bee suit, we asked Thompson a few […]

A pair of white orcas spotted off the Japanese coast.

You wait ages for a white whale…then TWO come along! Stunned animal-watchers spot a PAIR of rare orcas off the coast of Japan Whale-watchers off coast of Japan’s northern island Hokkaido spotted two white orcas swimming together One was an older animal first spotted two years ago, but second was younger and had not been […]