Shark stuck in Seal’s Neck!

The mystery is finally solved! Over the last few weeks, Naude and Denzil have rescues 2 seals with what they thought were stingray spikes sticking out of their necks. A little while ago they came across this guy on the beach, and they finally had an answer. This young male cape fur seal had a […]

Documenting Africa’s ancient baobab trees.

Photographer is Documenting Ancient Baobab Trees Before They All Disappear By Madeleine Muzdakis Trees literally stand the test of time. The oldest tree in the world is a bristlecone pine at 5,062 years old. Climate change, however, is threatening the world’s ancient trees and wreaking devastation among certain populations. California-based photographer Beth Moon has photographed ancient trees around the globe […]

Clickbait: Biden the extinct 10-armed vampire squid.

This 10-armed fossil is the oldest known relative of octopuses and vampire squids by MICHAEL LEVITT Researchers say they’ve found the oldest known relative of octopuses and vampire squids, in a fossil dug up decades ago in Montana. But unlike octopuses, the creature has 10 arms. SARAH MCCAMMON, HOST: Thousands of feet below the ocean’s […]

This is a bear that has lost all fear of people.

Hank the Tank, a 500-pound bear, ransacks a California community BY EMMA CARTER | Detroit Daily News Since summer, a black bear known as Hank the Tank has made a 500-pound nuisance of himself in South Lake Tahoe, California, breaking into more than two dozen homes to rummage for food and leaving a trail of […]