Why Do Birds Sing at Dawn?

BY Jake Rossen Wake up early enough and depending on where you live, you’ll likely hear a pleasant chorus of birds chirping their tiny hearts out. This a.m. avian arrangement is instinctual behavior for birds, but why? What prompts them to begin their bird bellowing in the morning? According to WIRED, this early singing is […]

Look inside the hidden world of Earth’s most beautiful caves

They’re not the dark, dirty holes you grew up fearing. By Purbita Saha Formed by millennia of rain trickling through bedrock and ice, these recesses act as time capsules for anthropologists, biologists, and climatologists, who search them for precious remnants of life predating even the dinosaurs. Today, caving also attracts nyctophiles seeking calm darkness and […]

Rare green puppy ‘Pistachio’ born in Italy

This year has been an unpredictable one, to say the least. But things got even stranger for Italian farmer Cristian Mallocci when his dog, Spelacchia, gave birth to a puppy with green fur. The tiny pooch was immediately named Pistachio. The puppy was part of a five-dog litter born at the farm on the Mediterranean […]

The year’s best photos celebrating the beauty of weather.

Weather Photographer of the Year Winners Celebrate the Beauty of Nature By Jessica Stewart Over 7,700 images were entered into the Royal Meteorological Society‘s Weather Photographer of the Year competition. Photographers from across the globe submitted their best imagery capturing the beauty of weather. From incredible cloud formations to ice and snow, the winning photos […]

Watch a Black Heron Fool Fish by Turning Into an Umbrella

The behavior, called canopy feeding, is an especially effective way to hunt. Most of the time, Black Herons look like your typical wading bird—long legs, long necks, long beaks. But when it’s time to eat, this jet-black African species has a pretty nifty trick up its wings: It turns into an umbrella.    Not literally, […]

Introducing Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List

We’ve all got a list of places that we want to see for ourselves: places friends have enthused about, places we’ve read about, dreamed about. This is our list. It’s the 500 most thrilling, memorable, downright interesting places on this planet ranked in order of their brilliance. COVID-19 has resulted in travel restrictions that may […]

The World’s 10 Biggest Lightning Hot Spots

NASA crunched the numbers on 16 years of lightning strike data Richard Kithil, head of the National Lightning Safety Institute, says lighting has its own agenda. “It is entirely capricious, random, and unpredictable. Man’s attempts to fit lightning into a convenient box, with codes and standards to describe its behavior, are a best guess.” Kithil may […]

A humpback whale takes a wrong turn into crocodile alley.

(CNN) A humpback whale has become stranded in a crocodile-infested river in Australia, after apparently becoming confused during migration. In a “very unusual” event, three of the animals entered East Alligator River in Kakadu National Park last week. The animals were first spotted on Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the park, in Australia’s Northern Territory (NT), […]