Clickbait: Man arrested after biting a seagull.

Man detained by police after biting seagull who ‘wanted his McDonalds meal’ Police have detained a man who allegedly attacked and injured a seagull in the port city of Plymouth in southwest England. Charles Cross Police were on patrol when they spotted the man biting the seagull about 3pm on Thursday, the Plymouth Herald reported. […]

The 2020 Audubon Photography Award winners revealed.

The 2020 Audubon Photography Awards: Winners This year’s top shots delight with dazzling colors and fresh perspectives. Every spring, the judges of the Audubon Photography Awards gather at Audubon’s headquarters in Manhattan to review their favorite images and select the finalists. But as with much of life in 2020, this year’s awards had to be […]

… and a Midwest storm chaser’s most dramatic shots.

This photographer chases the Midwest’s most dramatic storms. Here are some of his favorite shots. Eric Meola went from shooting rock-album art to documenting the hidden beauty of the great American plains. By Hannah Seo Eric Meola started chasing storms with his camera in 1977, almost by chance. He was traveling out West with Bruce […]

Parrot outperforms college students in memory tests.

When a bird brain tops Harvard students on a test by Juan Siliezar Experiment tests human vs. parrot memory in a complex shell game hat happens when an African grey parrot goes head-to-head with 21 Harvard students in a test measuring a type of visual memory? Put simply: The parrot moves to the head of […]

The Cave Kingpin Buying Up America’s Underground

John Ackerman has spent millions procuring a majority of the known caves in Minnesota, which add up to dozens of miles of underground passageways and likely make him the largest cave owner in the U.S. He collects and charts them in the name of preservation, but his controversial methods have created many opponents. The cave’s […]

10-day-old baby donkey lulled to sleep

Rock-a-bye donkey? Watch the adorable moment when a donkey foal is rocked to sleep in a farmer’s arms while he sings “What The World Needs Now.” Ivy, who is just 10 days old in the video, loves being cradled and serenaded, according to the couple who runs Jackass Junction, a 67-acre donkey sanctuary in Marengo,

A Decade of Sun.

As of June 2020, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory — SDO — has now been watching the Sun non-stop for over a full decade. From its orbit in space around the Earth, SDO has gathered 425 million high-resolution images of the Sun, amassing 20 million gigabytes of data over the past 10 years. This information has […]

The stunning beauty of a hike in the Dolomites.

The Haunting Beauty of a Hut-to-Hut Hike in the Dolomites With their colossal limestone walls and gloriously green valleys, Italy’s Dolomites are home to some of the world’s most majestic scenery — and mountain huts called rifugios make it all the more accessible. Photographs and Text by Mónica R. Goya With travel restrictions in place […]