Article of the Day (Aug 17)

Bowerbirds Bowerbirds are several species of songbirds found in Australia and New Guinea. To attract female mates, males of the species build elaborate bowers on the ground, decorate them with bright, shiny objects, and then display and sing loudly above them. Females observe the courtship displays, inspect the quality of the bowers, and select a […]

Exploding stars scattered traces of iron over Antarctic snow

Unlike previous similar detections, the interstellar material dribbled down on Earth recently by EMILY CONOVER Iron from outside the solar system has sprinkled down on Antarctica in recent years. Measurements of half a ton of snow turned up interstellar iron deposited within the last two decades, scientists report in a study accepted in Physical Review […]

Antarctica is shedding ice.

The research could help improve projections of sea level rise by MARIA TEMMING Decades of satellite observations have now provided the most detailed view yet of how Antarctica continually sheds ice accumulated from snowfall into the ocean. The new map is based on an ice-tracking technique that is 10 times as precise as methods used […]

In twilight’s last gleaming

In twilight’s last gleaming The sky slides away Leaving me here at The edge of the day Songs in the sand Hand on the door I’ve been here so often before In twilight’s last gleaming So smoky and gold Endless horizons Glisten and glow I see you in strangers In light on the sea In […]