Above the clouds

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When high pressure’s in charge and there’s a foggy murk that casts a dark shadow in the valleys, it’s often a different world higher up.  Just climb a few hundred metres and you emerge from the darkness into the light: the sun shines brightly in a deep blue sky…

Bird Man

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Eva Holland | Longreads | February 2017 | 10 minutes (2641 words) ? Noah Strycker spotted the first bird before I made it from the parked car to the edge of the marsh. “It’s a rough-legged hawk,” he said when I caught up to him, gesturing for me to peer through…

With Not Much Expectation

Che and I keep a compost heap and daily throw out vegetable scraps. Some of these seed containing scraps normally yield butternut, gem squash and tomato plants. We let them grow informally with not… Source: With Not Much Expectation

Signs of Spring

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Chinese Witch Hazel It is still only the middle of February, but the signs of spring are unmistakable. Anne and I took advantage of the uncharacteristically warm weather of late and went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. Normally at this time of year the only thing going at the gardens is the annual…