Flyfishing is as much art as sport. And it’s not even my art so much as the joy of taking my place and fading into the art all around me when I’m doing it right. If you wade into the Little Red River in Arkansas at just the right time, day, and season, you can […]

Peekaboo I see you Agama

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In response to the WordPress weekly photo challenge “peek“ While hiking back from the amazing  Second Waterfall in Jonkershoek a little blue alien like character peeked over a stone. It gave me no choice, my lens had to peek back at it. I know the “alien” as a Bloukopkoggelmander. After…

The Fig Tree

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Potted and little, she once was… A simple gesture of thanks, A token of recognition and friendship. Now a heavenly sanctuary of leaves, She looms protectively proud… A shady retreat for Sunday picnics, Wholesome gatherings and fatigued parents Tiny tots, nursery rhymes and gay abandon. Scholarly summer lessons and…

Northern Black Korhaan

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Afrotis afraoides The Northern Black Korhaan is a species of open grassland, dry savanna and semi-arid scrub. They feed primarily on insects and other invertebrates as well as seeds. Adults can weigh up to a kilogram. Male Northern Black Korhaans are fiercely protective of their territory and attempt to…