Banting Buttermilk Rusks (Sugar & Spice)

by Siobhan Have you missed these foodie posts?  Last month I did a post on Creamy Parmesan Garlic Mushroom Chicken, but I didn’t just provide you with a recipe and leave you to it.  I took a recipe that I found on Pinterest, and I guided you through my first time making that meal.  Also included […]

Oh, deer.

comment That’s a donkey mesopotamius, Albuquerque NM, It’s a baby horse. Source: was a horse girl who collected horse figurines howdodogwalks, Northeast USA, What an Ass. MandatoryMoose, Essex UK Something disturbingly predatory about this, it’s like an Angler Fish but a tree wisewizard Deer’s thoughts: “It’s behind me isn’t it?” Edit: That might be a […]

A Concept Camper for the Cybertruck Somehow Took $50 Million in Preorders

by CORY GUNTHER | review geek A lot of people are excited about Tesla’s unreleased Cybertruck and its potential. So much, in fact, that one accessory concept already received over $50 million worth of orders for its Overland Cybertruck camper. An RV-style camper that doesn’t even exist yet. It’s called the “Cyberlandr,” and the maker claims it’ll offer a […]

Zero Labs Turned an Old Rust Bucket Truck into an EV in Just 24 Hours

by CORY GUNTHER | review geek Rather than compete with Tesla and Ford on new electric vehicles, a California company named Zero Labs transforms old classics into modern EVs. Better yet, the company just released footage of its proprietary EV platform going on a rusty 50-year-old truck, and it only took 24 hours. Zero Labs calls the process “retrobution,” where […]

Privet Bonsai

Old privet cleaned up and begining a new life.. Not likely to be most people’s cup of tea with hundreds of traditional faults, but I kind of like the old deadwood and the challenge of it… remaining deadwood after cleaning off loads of soft stuff is solid as a rock..