The 10 best places to move to right now.

The 10 best cities in the U.S. to move to right now Cities that capture that essential but elusive trait: livability Choosing where to live is one of the most personal, stressful, and meaningful choices you can make. That’s why Curbed cast a wide net to put together our first-ever list of where you should […]

Friendly Gray Whale Plays With Dana Point Whale Watchers

It’s the thing you dream of when embarking on a whale watching tour: coming face to face with one of the largest leviathans on earth! By Ashley Ludwig DANA POINT, CA—Gray whale sightings have surged in recent months, but no encounter has been so exciting as one experienced by whale watchers this week, according to […]

death of Amboseli’s gentle giant “Tim”

Posted on Facebook by Dawie Fourie & Rian Fourie Today I’m saddened by the death of Amboseli’s gentle giant “Tim”. Even though he was only 50 it looks like he died from natural causes. He was not only well loved and photographed but he was probably the most famous tusker in Africa. RIP… (The photos […]


TOP 10 Jan. Photojournalism winner 1st:1 Joggie van Staden‎ – Anticipation – a Knysna Dwarf Chameleon (Bradypodion damaranum) receives a drop of water at the Knysna Dwarf Chameleon Rehab centre in Knysna. After the recent devastating fires in the Knysna area the survival of these wonderful little creatures is cause for great concern. Aldo Kleyn […]

Stunning photos of urban architecture.

“But every image has one signature twist: Pon hides a small rocket in each of his structural pieces.” Dramatic Views of Worldwide Architecture Captured by Gareth Pon (with a Hidden Twist) by Grace Ebert Photographer Gareth Pon (previously) encourages his audience to join in his reinvention of Where’s Waldo. His architectural photography relies on depth, […]

How to Handle Trolls

What Is an Internet Troll? (and How to Handle Trolls) by Vann Vicente Internet trolls are people who want to provoke and upset others online for their own amusement. Here’s how to spot the signs that someone is a troll, and how to handle them. What Are Internet Trolls? If you’ve been on the internet […]

Scientists develop microscopic camera

Ultrafast Camera Takes 1 Trillion Frames Per Second of Transparent Objects and Phenomena written by Emily Velasco A little over a year ago, Caltech’s Lihong Wang developed the world’s fastest camera, a device capable of taking 10 trillion pictures per second. It is so fast that it can even capture light traveling in slow motion. […]