Mushrooms with sour cream

by CookingWithoutLimits I eat those mushrooms since I was a child. You need a lot of mushrooms to make a meal out of them, so when you find them in the forest, all you can think is what to make with them. So, the one great recipe is mushrooms and sour cream. Yummy! Ingredients: 1 […]

The Most Scenic Train Trips in the U.S.

Before the interstate opened and air travel became more affordable, the most relaxing (and fashionable) way to travel the United States was by train. Some of those epic train trips still exist and there’s still nothing quite like the unhurried pace of riding the rails as you enjoy breathtaking views of the American landscape. Take […]

Luminar Bug Photography Awards 2020

The Luminar Bug Photographer of the Year 2020 Mofeed Abu Shalwa Mofeed, from Saudi Arabia, is the grand prize winner in this inaugural year of the Luminar Bug Photography Awards. He wowed the judging panel with his consistently high level of technical skill and creativity, and an obvious dedication to his craft. He is a […]

Fascinating Comparison Photos

50 Fascinating Comparison Photos That Will Give You An Entirely New Point Of View by John Travis What we have come to know so far is that perspective is everything and it is quite right. You can truly appreciate something by looking at it with the help of your existing knowledge and then comparing it […]

Look inside the hidden world of Earth’s most beautiful caves

They’re not the dark, dirty holes you grew up fearing. By Purbita Saha Formed by millennia of rain trickling through bedrock and ice, these recesses act as time capsules for anthropologists, biologists, and climatologists, who search them for precious remnants of life predating even the dinosaurs. Today, caving also attracts nyctophiles seeking calm darkness and […]

The year’s best photos celebrating the beauty of weather.

Weather Photographer of the Year Winners Celebrate the Beauty of Nature By Jessica Stewart Over 7,700 images were entered into the Royal Meteorological Society‘s Weather Photographer of the Year competition. Photographers from across the globe submitted their best imagery capturing the beauty of weather. From incredible cloud formations to ice and snow, the winning photos […]

Introducing Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel List

We’ve all got a list of places that we want to see for ourselves: places friends have enthused about, places we’ve read about, dreamed about. This is our list. It’s the 500 most thrilling, memorable, downright interesting places on this planet ranked in order of their brilliance. COVID-19 has resulted in travel restrictions that may […]