The year’s best panoramic photos.

2021 WINNERS GALLERY The EPSON International Pano Awards Photo by Mengguo Li 2021 OPEN AWARDS A cypress tree generally has a wide flaring base. Due to its watery habitat, it develops this triangular base and root protrusions called “cypress knees” to help it stand in the soft, soggy bottom. As I paddled amongst the trees […]

Comedy Pet Photo Awards

THE 2021 FINALISTS ARE ANNOUNCED! We are delighted to reveal the top 40 images and 3 videos from this year’s awesome competition.  And they are spectacular!  See the full selection HERE.  There’s a boat driving dog, a sneeky lunch guest, a posing cat model (when aren’t they??) a singing dog and lots and lots of smiling, […]

Artist Paints Portraits of 13 Servicemembers Killed in Afghanistan in 13 Days: ‘I Needed to Honor Them’

by AMY FURR When she heard about the suicide bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan, during which 13 United States servicemembers were killed, artist Kristy Dubinsky decided to do something very special for an art show in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The high school art teacher and artist whose specialty is in military themes, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette something inside her kept saying […]

Ode to an Orca

A photographer takes the plunge into forbidding waters off Norway for an extraordinary encounter with orcas Photographs and Text by Pete McBride The water is cold inside Norway’s northernmost fjords. When I slipped in headfirst, wearing a thick wetsuit, the 40-degree Fahrenheit surface temperature made the water feel dense and biting on my exposed face. Diving […]

The Perfect DIY Solar Oven

By Disc Dog | Instructables Welcome to another kick-ass Instructable from Disc Dog! I love cooking with a solar oven! It’s like using the perfect slow cooker, but no heat in the kitchen and best yet, the energy to run it IS FREE! I have a Sun Flair solar cooker on our sailboat and use […]

Surreal scenes and broken dreams.

Surreal scenes and broken dreams: 2021’s best street photography – in pictures From a giant eyeball on the subway to a winged dog at a wedding, here’s the year’s best photography at street level by Mee-Lai Stone view original article . .

Weed Destroyer Watering Can

By balco | Instructables Using boiling water to kill the weeds which are growing through the cracks in your patio or driveway is inexpensive, effective and eco-friendly. Of course, you could pour the water directly out of a kettle onto the weeds, but it is difficult to aim the flow and too much water is […]

Best Mirrorless Cameras for Beginner Photographers

by SARAH CHANEY | Review Geek For any budding photographer or videographer, a great camera is essential. While DSLRs were the go-to option for some time, many beginners are now looking for mirrorless cameras instead. If you’re looking for the best mirrorless camera for beginners, look no further—we got you. Table of Contents What to Look for […]