Common Travel Photography Mistakes

by HARRY GUINNESS  Every budding photographer makes a blunder here and there. Here are seven common travel photography mistakes you should avoid. Traveling to a new place is one of the most exciting ways to push yourself and your photography. You can go on dedicated photo trips or just bring your camera along on your […]

Rocket Stoves Design & DIY

The fundamentals of Rocket Stoves W’nB DIY: My First Rocket Stove Build Works very well and is economical with the thin pieces of wood used as fuel. Minimal smoke and the heat generated is virtually immediate and the cooking process gets underway much faster than a conventional electric stove plate or an old iron stove […]

‘n Kaalvoet-gedig!

‘n Kaalvoet-gedig! Sommer kaalvoet plas dit oor my hart waar skoonheid groei en bot sonder smart waar aanstellerigheid sonder opsmuk nie kan woon en God’s asemlose grootheid in genade troon waar mens weer stil sal raak en vrede in jóu siel kom waak waar gogga-klein jou oog gewaar as jy in ontdekking na hom staar […]