Amazing 2021 National & Regional Awards Winners of the Sony World Photography Awards

The World Photography Organisation, a leader in the international photography scene, has recently announced the 2021 National and Regional Awards winners of the Sony World Photography Awards. This 14-year-old competition hosted by Sony has become one of the most prestigious opportunities for both established and rising-star photographers. The winning images of the National Awards will join the Open winners’ […]

Gorgeous Image From NASA Probe Shows Deep Jet Streams in Jupiter’s Atmosphere

Looking good, Jupiter. by Dustin Nelson | thrillist Photos from the Perseverance rover, which landed on Mars last week, are getting all the attention. However, there are still plenty of other rovers and spacecraft working beyond the boundary of Earth’s atmosphere. Juno is coming up on the fifth anniversary of its arrival at Jupiter, and it’s still sending […]

Do You Need a Special Lens to Take Portrait Photos?

by HARRY GUINNESS If you’ve ever tried to shoot good-looking portraits with your camera and a basic kit lens, you might have been disappointed that the results didn’t match the images you see on social media or in magazines. Part of this is down to the lenses most often used to shoot professional portraits. Let’s look at what […]

Rare Nasa photos reveal Amazon ‘gold rivers’

Stunning rare photographs published by Nasa have revealed the extent of gold mining – much of it thought to be illegal – in Peru’s Amazon rainforest. The “rivers of gold” captured in the images are actually pits believed to have been dug by unlicensed miners, the space agency says. The pits, usually hidden from view, […]