However, things started going downhill from here.

Q. What are some of the most unbelievable yet “true” pictures? answered by Srinath Nalluri (M.Sc., B. Eng. (Mech) from Minor (Technopreneurship), National University of Singapore (Graduated 2020) Is this beautiful? Still beautiful? Then let’s zoom in further. Welcome to the not-so-beautiful place. The tulip-farmesque thing you have seen at the beginning is the monstrous […]

Stunning up-close photos of animal eyes.

Armenian Photographer Captures Just How Unique Animal Eyes Are (30 Pics) by Rokas Laurinavičius and Justinas Keturka Few people get a chance to photograph animals such as hippos, hyenas, or crocodiles. Suren Manvelyan, however, has managed to get so close to them, he even captured insanely detailed close-ups of their eyes. Some of these macro […]