A pair of white orcas spotted off the Japanese coast.

You wait ages for a white whale…then TWO come along! Stunned animal-watchers spot a PAIR of rare orcas off the coast of Japan Whale-watchers off coast of Japan’s northern island Hokkaido spotted two white orcas swimming together One was an older animal first spotted two years ago, but second was younger and had not been […]

Acid-shooting whip scorpions are roaming a national park in Texas

By By Rachel Trent, CNN (CNN)Some freaky-looking creatures are out looking for mates this summer. And no, we’re not talking about the contestants on “Sexy Beasts.” Big Bend National Park in southwest Texas is alerting visitors that summer rains are bringing arachnids called vinegaroons “out of their burrows in search of food and love.”These three-inch […]

Adjustable Plywood and Aluminium Phone Holder

By TheSuperSewcio. | Instructables Simple and elegant phone holder. It can be made on CNC machine, 3D printed or cut by hand. Phone can be placed in any orientation and angle can be adjusted. It doesn’t obstruct cables on the bottom or buttons on the edges of the phone. Easy and quick project. Supplies For […]

The Hubble Telescope Is Back Online, but It’s Not Out of the Woods Yet

by SUZANNE HUMPHRIES | Review Geek After spending several weeks offline in safe mode, the Hubble Space Telescope was finally brought back online. NASA shared the tremendous update in a Twitter post. After spending the past month troubleshooting the issue, NASA has determined that the Power Control Unit (PCU) was to blame. Originally, NASA thought the shutdown was caused […]

Oklahoma Officer Rescues Sleeping Man from Car Fire

by AMY FURR A police officer in Marietta, Oklahoma, rescued a sleeping man on Monday when a semi-truck he was parked close to went up in flames. Love County Assistant Emergency Manager David Bond said a semi carrying seven vehicles was exiting I-35 when one of its rear tires suddenly blew out, KXII reported. Once the driver […]