It started with an eagle-eyed sighting on a flight, and it ended with a marathon in the mud.

“This started as an operation to extract two giraffes — and ended with a surprise orphan rescue mission!” “On 19th November, one of our pilots spotted two giraffes stuck in the perimeter trench for the NIB irrigation scheme on Galana. Ground teams tried to reach them, but a deluge of rain impeded their progress. They […]

The Weirdest Roadside Attraction in Every State (USA)

By Thrillist Travel All you need is a pandemic to make everyone nostalgic for the past. Road trips and RV convoys are just as fashionable on Instagram now as that trip to Bali was a few years back. And while today’s version of road trip may be very different from our parents’ (particularly if it’s a cannabis-friendly one), there’s one […]

Drone photo awards 2022 

A look at the winning entries into the Drone photo awards 2022, including the overall winner showing a secondary fissure a few hundred metres from the main crater of the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland. Works by the winning photographers will be exhibited in November in Italy at the Siena awards festival Matt Fidler | the Guardian view original […]

Yeti Coolers Are Washing Up on Alaska Beaches.

“Cooler hunting” may be Alaskans’ new favorite sport by Andrew Weaver ooler lovers, listen up. There’s a huge sale on Yetis happening right now in various parts of Alaska that we simply have to share. All models are 100 percent off—yes, that’s right. Free! All you have to do is pitch your body into the […]

Tennessee Girl’s Lemonade Stand Raises $10,000 for Brother’s Treatment

by ETHAN LETKEMAN An eight-year-old girl from Clarksville, Tennessee, has raised thousands of dollars by opening a lemonade stand for her little brother, who has severe medical issues. Two years ago, Makenzy Evan’s brother, Gannon, was diagnosed with cerebral cavernous venous malformation, a condition that gives him lesions on his brain that could rupture at any moment, […]

Masters of Disguise: . .Insects From Costa Rica to Malaysia Show Off Their Expert Camouflages

by GRACE EBERT Nature’s propensity for survival continuously manifests in surprising ways, and thanks to David Weiller (previously), we’re able to witness some of the most clever disguises of the insect world. The photographer captures a wide array of critters and their deceptive traits, from the Malaysian geometer moth and its expert camouflage as a dead leaf […]