Making a Small Mac From a Raspberry Pi 3 (Instructable)

By cgenco, in Circuits In this Instructable we are making a slightly larger version of the Tiny Mac. There are a couple of reasons you might want to make this version. Supply change issues (it is almost impossible get a Raspberry Pi Zero)A larger screenThis version uses a 3.5 inch display. This version’s is about […]

The Most Beautiful Abandoned Places in the World

Learn the haunting backstories. BY LAUREN SMITH MCDONOUGH, HADLEY MENDELSOHN AND JANAYA WECKER Though apocalyptic, there’s something beautiful about abandoned places. The clocks have stopped ticking and there’s not a soul in sight, but the shell of what used to be remains. Abandoned places show us what happens without consistent human upkeep—and perhaps what could even […]

Photos of Bizarre Cloud Over Alaska Spark Conspiracy Theories

by MICHAEL ZHANG A strange, worm-like cloud that appeared over Alaska has sparked a social media frenzy and official law enforcement investigation. Conspiracy theories suggested everything from a UFO to a plane crash to a Russian missile attack.On the morning of Thursday, April 7th, people in and near Lazy Mountain, Alaska, noticed a bizarre cloud […]

5 Siblings, Cousin in South Dakota Adopted by Minnesota Couple: ‘I’ll Take Good Care of You’

by NICK GILBERTSON Five siblings and their cousin smiled ear to ear Wednesday after officially being adopted by a Minnesota couple at the Minnehaha Courthouse in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Leota, MN, residents Ruby Celada, 36, and her 46-year-old husband Armando Ayala, are now parents to two girls and four boys, the Argus Leader reported. Their children include twelve-year-old […]

Documenting Africa’s ancient baobab trees.

Photographer is Documenting Ancient Baobab Trees Before They All Disappear By Madeleine Muzdakis Trees literally stand the test of time. The oldest tree in the world is a bristlecone pine at 5,062 years old. Climate change, however, is threatening the world’s ancient trees and wreaking devastation among certain populations. California-based photographer Beth Moon has photographed ancient trees around the globe […]