Not the Blast You Want on Vacation

Tourism Operators Under Fire Following Fatal Volcano Eruption by Alex Hickey Some tourists like flirting with danger. But the fatal eruption of a New Zealand volcano has set off a debate over whether tour operators need more limits. What happened: A volcano on White Island erupted Monday with an estimated 47 tourists on its shores. […]

Have a nice weekend Sir

Q. You’re driving down an empty highway in the world’s fastest supercar. You pass a cop on the side of the road, so you floor it. What are the chances you’ll be caught? comment by Helmut Samerski Here is what happened to another guy: The long-awaited phone call finally came. The phone call he was […]

Iraqi Prime Minister on verge of stepping down following weeks of violent protests over corruption and lack of social services

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi will resign if political parties can agree on his replacement, the president has said, as mass protests continue. President Barham Saleh is also drafting a new election law that will allow early parliamentary polls to be held. Tens of thousands of people have taken part in two waves of […]