The U.K. Is Turning the Page on 2019

U.K. GDP Did Not Budge in the Fourth Quarter of 2019 by Alex Hickey U.K. GDP growth stood still in Q4 2019, the region’s last full quarter in the EU. In addition to Brexit uncertainty, slower trade and a wilting eurozone dragged down growth. But as much as we mercilessly teased the U.K. in 2019, […]

Samsung Flips Off Apple

Unpacking Samsung’s Unpacked Event in San Francisco by Alex Hickey After years of watching fashion retailers deny women’s requests for bigger pockets, Samsung finally did something about it. At yesterday’s Galaxy Unpacked event in San Francisco, the smartphone manufacturer unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip, a smartphone that folds into a pocket-size square. It also showed […]

What Is Windows 10X, and How Is It Different?

by Chris Hoffman Windows 10X is a new edition of Windows 10 designed for dual-screen devices like Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Neo, but it’s more than that. It’s a new Windows operating system that will likely come to all devices one day. Windows 10X Runs Windows Software At its Surface event in 2019, Microsoft said Windows […]

China Behind Equifax Hack

U.S. charges four Chinese military hackers in 2017 Equifax breach WASHINGTON, Feb 10 (Reuters) – The United States has charged four Chinese military hackers in the 2017 breach of the Equifax credit reporting agency that affected nearly 150 million American citizens, Attorney General William Barr said Monday. “This was one of the largest data breaches […]

A Million Huaweis to Win in the West

Should the U.S. Invest in Nordic Telecoms to Battle Huawei? by Kinsey Grant For all the feats of American ingenuity (March Madness, the Roomba, Jell-O salad), there’s one big thing we can’t nail: a homegrown rival to take on China’s Huawei in 5G technology. That’s why Attorney General William Barr urged the U.S. to invest […]

1970s House Had Automated Features

This Futuristic 1970s House Had Automated Features We’re Just Getting by Jason Fitzpatrick In the 1970s a Frank Lloyd Wright-trained architect created a sophisticated home of the future that had features we’re just now getting comfortable taking for granted and others, in some cases, still waiting on. At the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, they have […]

Is Using Public Wi-Fi Still Dangerous?

It’s 2020. Is Using Public Wi-Fi Still Dangerous? by Chris Hoffman You’ve probably heard that public Wi-Fi is dangerous. Advice about avoiding it is almost as widespread as public Wi-Fi itself. Some of this advice is outdated, and public Wi-Fi is safer than it used to be. But there are still risks. Is Public Wi-Fi […]

What Is a Mini-LED TV, and Why Would You Want One?

by Tim Brookes Mini-LED displays are just making it on to the market, and they’re affordably priced. This new technology offers more local dimming zones for deeper blacks and improved contrast. Let’s cut through the jargon. What Is Mini-LED? Mini-LED is a new display technology that promises improved contrast ratios and deeper blacks compared to […]