Microsoft Is Redesigning Windows 11’s Task Manager And IT. IS. UGLY.

by ANDREW HEINZMAN | Review Geek After redesigning Notepad and Paint, Microsoft is going after another incredibly outdated-looking Windows application—the Task Manager. But the early results are a bit disappointing. Windows 11’s redesigned Task Manager has some great new features, but it looks just plain ugly. Discovered by @gus33000 and @FireCubeStudios, the experimental new Task Manager has some odd […]

Hackers Find a Weird New Way to Hijack DJI Drones

by ANDREW HEINZMAN | Review Geek A team of hackers at Michigan State University discovered a strange new way to hijack DJI-branded drones. According to assistant professor of computer science and engineering Qiben Yan, this exploit requires just one simple tool—a very bright light. Although DJI drones are manually controlled by an operator, they use a AI […]

How to See Dislikes on YouTube Again

by TIM BROOKES YouTube no longer allows you to see dislikes on videos, which can be important information in determining whether or not a video is trustworthy or accurate. Though it comes with some caveats, you can restore dislikes with a browser extension. Restore YouTube Dislikes With a Browser Extension You can restore dislikes on […]

Everything We Know About Android 13 “Tiramisu”

by ANDREW HEINZMAN You’re still waiting for the Android 12 update to reach your phone, but Google is already hard at work on Android 13. In fact, the company is working so hard on “Tiramisu” that it’s already leaked a ton of upcoming changes and features. So, what does Google have in store for Android […]

What is This Y2K22 Bug?

What Problem is it Causing for Sysadmins? The new year was not too happy for sysadmins with Microsoft Exchange servers to manage. by Rafael Ulloa The turn of the new year has triggered errors in Microsoft Exchange mail servers, causing thousands, possibly millions, of emails around the world to not get sent and staying stuck […]

Facebook Gives Up On Its Custom VR and AR Operating System

by ANDREW HEINZMAN Back in 2017, Facebook began work on a bespoke OS for VR and AR hardware. This operating system was supposed to reduce Facebook’s dependence on other software companies, particularly Google and Apple, which repeatedly threaten Facebook’s business model. But a report by The Information states that Facebook is giving up and sticking with Android. The […]