This Raspberry Pi Powered Clock Shows Weather and Time

by SUZANNE HUMPHRIES Ever wanted to see the upcoming hourly forecast without having to open your smartphone or a website? We’ve got good news: this clever Raspberry Pi “WeatherClock” can do just that, displaying what the weather will be for each hour of the day! The WeatherClock’s analog dial displays a visual representation of the […]

Duracell and Energizer tested — and one battery crushed its competitors

Discharge tests of three brands, Energizer, Duracell, and AlphaCell, revealed that there is one battery that crushed its competitors — Energizer Ultimate Lithium. Promoted as “The World’s Longest Lasting AA Battery”, the Energizer Ultimate Lithium lived up to its name in MyBroadband’s tests. To compare the batteries, MyBroadband purchased five AA battery brands from the […]

What’s New in Debian 11 “Bullseye”

by JORDAN GLOOR | How-To Geek Debian, the progenitor of many other Linux distributions, has made release 11 available in the testing stage. Are you weighing the virtues of upgrading, or are you just curious about the changes? Today, we’ll take a look at the highlights. Debian is one of the most stable and versatile […]

Edward Snowden Thinks GIMP Needs a Major UI Overhaul

Edward Snowden thinks GIMP could challenge Adobe big time with a major UI overhaul. What do you think about that? by Ankush Das Edward Snowden’s recent tweet praised what free and open-source software can achieve. In the tweet, he highlights that every time he uses Blender (an open-source 3D software suite), it reminds him of […]

Audi’s Sleek e-Tron GT Electric Car Hits the U.S. for $100k

by CORY GUNTHER | Review Geek Audi just launched its first fully electric sedan in the United States. The Audi e-Tron GT is now officially available for $99k, before incentives. Thanks to sharing its electric platform with the Porsche Taycan, Audi’s all-wheel-drive four-seater sedan can go from 0-60 in 3.1 seconds. Not to be confused with […]

Audacity Mess Further Muddied by Muse Group’s New Licensing Efforts

by SUZANNE HUMPHRIES | Review Geek Earlier in July, a privacy policy update for audio editor Audacity caused a stir among community members, who cited unnecessary telemetry. Parent company Muse Group offered assurances to the contrary but has now seemingly put telemetry back on the table along with some concerning licensing issues. Audacity’s community is troubled by the policy, as […]

What Is “Planned Obsolescence,” and How Does It Affect My Devices?

by VANN VICENTE | How-To Geek “Planned obsolescence” is a strategy that makes products obsolete so that they require frequent replacements. This forces consumers to spend more by buying products more frequently. Here’s what it is—and how it’s affecting the devices you’re using right now. Your Devices Will Expire In 2017, Reddit users discovered that Apple was […]