Why You Don’t Need an Expensive Smartphone Anymore

by ANDREW HEINZMAN As flagship devices from Samsung, Apple, Google, and OnePlus get more and more expensive, you might feel forced to keep up with the increased prices. But times have changed, and most phones under $500 offer the performance, battery life, and camera quality that used to be reserved for high-end handsets. In other […]

How to Make Signal Your Default SMS Messaging App on Android

by JOE FEDEWA Signal is a popular privacy-focused, encrypted messaging app. It’s an alternative to WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and others. There’s a lot to like about the app, and if you make the switch, it can even replace your SMS app. Like its competitors, Signal is mainly used for instant messaging other people who use the […]

What comes after smartphones?

For as long as most people can remember, the tech industry has had a new centre roughly every fifteen years. A model of computing sets the agenda, and the company or companies that win that model dominate the industry, and everyone is scared of them, and then a new model comes along, forms a new centre, […]

Editors’ Choice: The Best Products of 2020

by Cameron Summerson As each year comes to a close, I like to reflect on all the gadgets that hit the scene over the previous 12 months. While 2020 has been a weird year, to put it mildly, there have been some truly excellent gadgets hit the collective Review Geek desk this year. Let’s take […]