Fluoride-Ion a Replacement for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Honda Institute Scientists Have Found A Fluoride-Ion Replacement For Lithium-Ion Batteries BY CARLOS ZOTOMAYOR | SolidSmack As far back as anyone can remember, batteries in our phones, flashlights, laptops, and other gadgets have all been powered by lithium-ion batteries. And while both the disposable and rechargeable versions could easily power tech of the late 90s […]

HP and System76 Teamed Up to Build a Powerful Linux Laptop

by CORBIN DAVENPORT | How-To Geek System76 has been selling some of the best Linux laptops for years, but now the company is teaming up with HP to sell the ‘HP Dev One’ — a laptop built for developers with System76’s custom flavor of Linux. System76 has plenty of its own laptops and desktops, and in 2017, it […]

Protecting Your Gadgets From Solar Flares

by DAVE MCQUILLING | ReviewGeek A large solar flare frying all of Earth’s electronic devices and sending us back to the stone age sounds like the plot of a bad science fiction movie—but it could happen. Luckily, protecting your electronics from solar flares and electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) is quite simple. You don’t need to spend […]

Nothing Phone 1 Design Revealed as Release Details Leak

Nothing Phone 1 Design Revealed as Release Details Leak by CORY GUNTHER | Review Geek Nothing is a company founded by Carl Pei, one of the original co-founders of the OnePlus brand. For months, Nothing has teased its new phone, and now we’re finally getting more details about the Nothing Phone (1). At this point, we […]

How to Empty the Trash on Android

by MAHESH MAKVANA | How-to Geek Unlike a desktop computer’s trash system, Android doesn’t offer a universal recycle bin that stores your deleted files. Instead, most Android apps manage their own trash, which you have to individually empty to free up your phone’s storage. Here’s how to do that. In this guide, we’ll cover how to […]

Microsoft Killed Its Best Tool for Right to Repair

by JOSH HENDRICKSON | Review Geek An independent study Microsoft funded recently showed that improving repair processes could prevent greenhouse gases and avoid e-waste. But it’s easy to “study” an issue, harder to solve it. Unfortunately, Microsoft killed its best tool to tackle repairability—brick and mortar Microsoft Stores. In many ways, this is a tale as old […]

Is Charging Your Phone All Night Bad For the Battery?

by JOE FEDEWA Smartphones have advanced a lot over the years, but they still basically last about a day on a charge. That means most of us are juicing up the battery all night while we sleep. Is that good for the battery? Contrary to what you may think, battery technology has actually improved quite a bit. […]

I Hate Bluetooth Audio: Here’s Why

by ANDREW HEINZMAN We’re knee-deep in the world of Bluetooth, and the average customer has absolutely zero interest in wired headphones or speakers. Still, they complain about Bluetooth, and I happily complain with them. Bluetooth audio is one of the biggest downgrades in tech history—outside of a few situations, it’s the worst possible alternative to […]

Why You Should Downgrade to a “Dumb” Phone

by ANDREW HEINZMAN | Review Geek Smartphones have become more than just a minor distraction. Swiping through social media all day is mentally and physically exhausting, yet it’s almost unavoidable, as we’re all addicted to our phones. And while certain apps can help you curb your phone usage, it may be time to just ditch the smartphone and use […]

 Visual Changes in Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish [First Look]

Ubuntu 22.04 codenamed Jammy Jellyfish is a long term support release. It comes with new installer, firmware update app, improved support for Raspberry Pi, new application versions and Linux kernel. But that;s not the focus of this video. This one focuses on visual features, the changes that you can see. 22.04 has the latest GNOME […]