Lost child

Originally posted on Being Aware:
Here comes another blog about children and their development, as I have been working closely with students, I find this topic connected to me. In this era of technology and smartphones, the most impacted lobby is our young ones. Because neither they are adults not technology is the need of…

How to Use the Foreground and Background to Create Stronger Photos

by Harry Guinness Photography can be very technical, especially in the digital age. But photography is, at it’s core, art. You can take a technically perfect photo that’s utterly boring and a technically imperfect photo that’s a lot more interesting. Let’s compare two shots. This is a technically perfect exposure. Everything is in focus, the highlights […]

Google, the World’s Biggest Advertising Company, Will Block Ads Soon. Is That Good?

by Justin Pot It’s finally happening: on February 15, 2018, Google’s Chrome browser will block some ads out-of-the-box, regardless of whether you have a separate ad blocker installed. That means Google, the web’s biggest advertising company, will start deciding which ads do and don’t get blocked in your browser. Should users be happy about this, […]

HP laptops found to have hidden keylogger

Hidden software that can record every letter typed on a computer keyboard has been discovered pre-installed on hundreds of HP laptop models. Security researcher Michael Myng found the keylogging code in software drivers preinstalled on HP laptops to make the keyboard work. HP said more than 460 models of laptop were affected by the “potential […]

What Is Bitcoin, and How Does it Work?

by Michael Crider on November 7th, 2017 Michael Crider has been covering technology on the web since 2011. His interests include folk music, football, science fiction, and salsa verde, in no particular order. He wrote a novel called Good Intentions: A Supervillain Story, and it’s available on Amazon. You can follow him on Twitter if […]