Watch a Video of Tesla’s Cybertruck Zipping Through NYC

By SUZANNE HUMPHRIES | reviewgeek On Saturday, New Yorkers got a rare glimpse of Tesla’s still-unreleased Cybertruck as it cruised past Manhattan’s Radio City Music Hall just before Elon Musk’s appearance on Saturday Night Live. Shortly after, Tesla tweeted a brief video of the drive. Tesla’s video netted an inevitable, though underwhelming, response from Musk who tweeted “Great […]

This 3D Printer Uses Sawdust to Make Real Wood Stuff

by CORY GUNTHER | reviewgeek This week, a company named Desktop Metal announced its all-new 3D printers that use wood waste and sawdust for 3D printing, and it looks awesome. Yes, imagine using wood with your 3D printer to create all sorts of stuff. The brand, Forust, looks to save trees by using wood waste to create […]

PSA: You Can Still Download the Old Free Version of SketchUp

by JOE FEDEWA | How-to Geek Originally released as free open-source software, the popular 3D-modeling program SketchUp now comes with a premium price tag. Or does it? You can still download a free desktop version if you know where to look. SketchUp has changed hands a few times over the years, once having been owned by Google, […]

Want Google Search Results without Tracking? Use Startpage

by TIM BROOKES | How-to Geek Search engines like Google and Bing are notorious for tracking users, but privacy-focused alternatives like DuckDuckGo don’t always deliver Google-quality results. Enter StartPage, a search engine that doesn’t track you while still providing results directly from Google. What Is StartPage? StartPage is a search engine that provides results from Google, with a […]