Microsoft Announces Windows 365: a Desktop PC in the Cloud

by CHRIS HOFFMAN | How-to Geek What if you could use a Windows desktop PC without actually running Windows on your hardware? Microsoft has a solution for you: Windows 365, a cloud-based Windows desktop you can access from any device, including Macs, iPads, Chromebooks, Android phones, and Linux PCs. To use a Windows 365 “Cloud PC” […]

7 hidden Gmail features to make your life easier

by Dawid Snyders | MyBroadband Gmail has several features that increase productivity and make for a better email experience, and they are only a few clicks away. Google has spent years optimising Gmail’s user experience and recently rolled out a substantial update to the interface. Some great features are not enabled by default and require you to […]

How to Share Audio Recordings from Google Recorder

by JOE FEDEWA | How-to Geek Google Recorder is sneakily one of the search giant’s coolest apps on Pixel smartphones. It can transcribe audio recordings into text, which makes them easily searchable, and those recordings can be accessed and shared from the cloud, too. We’ll show you how. If you’re unfamiliar with Google Recorder, it’s an […]

20 apps killing your smartphone battery

by Chris Venter | MyBroadband Fitbit, Uber, Skype, and Facebook are among the worst apps for your smartphone battery. This is according to a recent analysis performed by cloud storage service pCloud, who assessed 100 of the world’s most popular apps to determine which of them put the most strain on smartphone batteries. In the study, pCloud looked […]

Google is Finally Adding a Way to Block Spam in Drive

by ANDREW HEINZMAN | reviewgeek If someone knows your email address, then they can share files and folders with you in Drive. It’s an annoying reality that leads to a ton of spam, phishing attempts, and Docs full of abusive language. Google promised to fix the problem in 2019, and after three years, the company is finally […]