OpenBoard: An Open Source Interactive Whiteboard for Educators

By Ankush Das Brief: OpenBoard is an interactive open-source whiteboard tailored for schools and universities. Let’s take a look at what it offers! There are several open-source tools available for education. But, not all of them are impressively well-maintained at the level of commercial software put forward for schools and universities. OpenBoard is one such exceptional […]

Clickbait: When you mess with a smooth criminal.

A Michael Jackson impersonator on the Las Vegas strip was forced to defend himself after a man aimlessly began attacking him. Unfortunately for the attacker, the Michael Jackson look-alike had more than just dance moves. Check out the video of the incident that has gotten lots of attention on social media. Las Vegas is an […]

What is This Y2K22 Bug?

What Problem is it Causing for Sysadmins? The new year was not too happy for sysadmins with Microsoft Exchange servers to manage. by Rafael Ulloa The turn of the new year has triggered errors in Microsoft Exchange mail servers, causing thousands, possibly millions, of emails around the world to not get sent and staying stuck […]

Facebook Gives Up On Its Custom VR and AR Operating System

by ANDREW HEINZMAN Back in 2017, Facebook began work on a bespoke OS for VR and AR hardware. This operating system was supposed to reduce Facebook’s dependence on other software companies, particularly Google and Apple, which repeatedly threaten Facebook’s business model. But a report by The Information states that Facebook is giving up and sticking with Android. The […]

Clickbait: Nightmare fuel on the golf course

Thieving coconut crab snips through golfer’s club on Christmas Island By Ben Hooper   Jan. 3 (UPI) — A member of a golfing party on Australia’s Christmas Island captured video when a massive coconut crab attempted to steal a golf club — and ended up chopping through the shaft with its claws. Paul Buhner said he […]

LibreOffice vs. Google Workspace: Which Is Better?

by FERGUS O’SULLIVAN | HOW-TO GEEK With the heavily advertised Google Workspace now online, you may find yourself wondering whether it’s time to leave open-source LibreOffice behind and switch to something a bit more corporate. We compare the two to see which may be the better fit. Google Workspace vs LibreOffice: The Big Picture Before we look at how the […]