This is the largest growth in the history of humans.

Tech Insider’s Prediction Will Give You Goosebumps: “This is the largest growth in the history of humans.” By: Rex Moore If you study the history of technology and investing… an unmistakable pattern emerges. Roughly once every 10 years there is a huge leap in cellular technology that literally changes the world with all the new […]

Internet freedom is declining around the world – and social media is to blame

The news: Governments worldwide are increasingly using social media to manipulate elections and spy on citizens, think tank Freedom House has warned in its latest report. It’s the ninth year in a row that global internet freedom has dropped, according to its assessment of 65 countries. A new menace: Disinformation—false information spread deliberately to deceive […]

Groundbreaking Device Fixes Slow Wi-Fi

by Sammy Holland If you’re reading this from a computer or device connected to your home Wi-Fi connection, chances are you’re being ripped off. I know, because I recently found out that I’ve been getting ripped off by my Internet Service Provider (ISP) for years. You see, recently I convinced my boss to let me […]