Science says there’s no such thing as a hangover cure

PSA: Hangover Cures Aren’t Supported by Scientific Evidence, Scientists Say by DAVID NIELD, 6 JANUARY 2022 If a hangover is an experience you’re familiar with, then you might have your own go-to hangover cure to try and get yourself back from that painful, zombie-fied state. However, we have bad news: new research suggests that most […]

Clickbait: Ice worms emerge from Pacific Northwest glaciers.

‘It’s happening’: Ice worms emerge in Pacific Northwest glaciers By Monica Danielle, AccuWeather senior producer “It’s happening,” scientist Scott Hotaling told a reporter for OPB as he gestured across Paradise Glacier high up on Mount Rainier in Washington. He was referencing hundreds of thousands of tiny, black worms emerging from a vast expanse of white snow. Ice worms were […]

Scientists create a magnet just one atom thick.

Main Attraction: Scientists Create World’s Thinnest Magnet – Just One Atom Thick! A one-atom-thin 2D magnet developed by Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley could advance new applications in computing and electronics. The development of an ultrathin magnet that operates at room temperature could lead to new applications in computing and electronics – such as high-density, compact spintronic memory devices […]

The Hubble Telescope Is Back Online, but It’s Not Out of the Woods Yet

by SUZANNE HUMPHRIES | Review Geek After spending several weeks offline in safe mode, the Hubble Space Telescope was finally brought back online. NASA shared the tremendous update in a Twitter post. After spending the past month troubleshooting the issue, NASA has determined that the Power Control Unit (PCU) was to blame. Originally, NASA thought the shutdown was caused […]

141 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena

by Michael Bach Pinna-Brelstaff Illusion № 2 Color Wagon Wheel Motion-Induced Blindness “Stepping feet” Motion Illusion “Tusi” Motion view original article . .

… and a Midwest storm chaser’s most dramatic shots.

This photographer chases the Midwest’s most dramatic storms. Here are some of his favorite shots. Eric Meola went from shooting rock-album art to documenting the hidden beauty of the great American plains. By Hannah Seo Eric Meola started chasing storms with his camera in 1977, almost by chance. He was traveling out West with Bruce […]

Parrot outperforms college students in memory tests.

When a bird brain tops Harvard students on a test by Juan Siliezar Experiment tests human vs. parrot memory in a complex shell game hat happens when an African grey parrot goes head-to-head with 21 Harvard students in a test measuring a type of visual memory? Put simply: The parrot moves to the head of […]