141 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena

by Michael Bach Pinna-Brelstaff Illusion № 2 https://michaelbach.de/ot/mot-PinnaBrelstaff2/index.html Color Wagon Wheel https://michaelbach.de/ot/mot-wagonWheelCol/index.html Motion-Induced Blindness https://michaelbach.de/ot/mot-mib/index.html “Stepping feet” Motion Illusion https://michaelbach.de/ot/mot-feetLin/index.html “Tusi” Motion https://michaelbach.de/ot/mot-Tusi/index.html view original article . .

… and a Midwest storm chaser’s most dramatic shots.

This photographer chases the Midwest’s most dramatic storms. Here are some of his favorite shots. Eric Meola went from shooting rock-album art to documenting the hidden beauty of the great American plains. By Hannah Seo Eric Meola started chasing storms with his camera in 1977, almost by chance. He was traveling out West with Bruce […]

Parrot outperforms college students in memory tests.

When a bird brain tops Harvard students on a test by Juan Siliezar Experiment tests human vs. parrot memory in a complex shell game hat happens when an African grey parrot goes head-to-head with 21 Harvard students in a test measuring a type of visual memory? Put simply: The parrot moves to the head of […]

Tuberculosis vaccine finds an improved route

A widely used vaccine against tuberculosis has now been shown to provide almost complete protection when injected intravenously. This is a striking improvement over vaccination through the typical intradermal route. by Samuel M. Behar & Chris Sassetti Tuberculosis is the deadliest human infection, killing 1.5 million people in 2018 alone (go.nature.com/2kbuiq). It is widely accepted […]

Light waves can transport information more efficiently than electric current

A tiny switch could redirect light between computer chips in mere nanoseconds By Maria Temming Microscopic switches that route light signals between computer chips like tiny traffic conductors could help make faster, more efficient electronics. Light waves can carry information more easily than the electric current used in traditional circuitry, because particles of light called […]