Journey with Jill

Direct Sow or Transplants for Fall Crops? Jill McSheehy I’m beginning to believe fall gardening is more about strategy than the spring garden. I made an impulsive — though strategic — decision to plant some of my broccoli transplants in the garden on Tuesday evening because I saw rain in the forecast plus several days of below […]

Paw Pressed Go Bananas!

Doggie Ice Cream Sandwiches By kevinp760 in Living | Instructable There’s a 99.9999999… percent chance that you might go out on a date with someone who is crazy about dogs atleast once in your lifetime! (I mean, who doesn’t like dogs?) They might love their dogs more than they love their coffee in the morning! Welcome to […]

Miniature Japanese Lanterns

By CrimsonIndustry In this Instructable, I’ll be going over how to cast a small statue out of cement; specifically, something in the style of Japanese lanterns. To achieve the final result, I used what’s known as a “mother mold”, where there is a hard shell surrounding a soft, thin, (usually) silicone layer. This is both […]

The 512GB Floppy Disk

Micro SD Storage By sirjason132 in Circuits | Instructables Floppy disks can’t store much, but what if they could? I thought it would be really interesting to add storage space to an old storage media that no one will use any more. I had some floppies lying around and thought I’d give it a try! […]

Concrete Hands Casting

By grafiti4u | Instructables So I love my husband’s hands. I have seen this technique called ‘Life Casting’ done before and thought my husband would be the perfect hand model for me!  But I didn’t want to simply buy a kit to make it, I wanted to create this using my own ingredients. I have never worked with […]

Faux Rocks That Look Real

By Liebregts | Instructables I have been rock climbing and bouldering in the past 20 years and I really like rocks. I already had several small rocks in the back yard and wanted to add some larger ones. Unfortunately, there are no rocks and no boulders in the area where I live. Real rocks are […]

Blackberry Hand Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches

By Momos75 | Instructable Last summer we had an abundance of blackberries in the garden so besides eating them straight from the bush I had the opportunity to try a number of uses of which ice cream was an absolute hit. Even more so, when combined with hand pies that made both pie lovers and […]

Pallet Wood Bird Feeder

By OffshootCreations A bird feeder has been on my “to do” list for a very long time, and especially one made of pallet wood. When the slats are cut down into strips and laminated into full panels you end up with a beautiful alternating pattern that is completely unique. However, an important point for my […]

Weather Swings in the Garden

by Jill McSheehy | Journey with Jill Crazy. The last two weeks high temps soared into the 90s, (over 10 degrees above average), and this week, we’ve barely gotten above 70. I’ve had several people ask me how my garden has made it with the extremes. Actually, it’s doing pretty well. I’ve become convinced that […]

Primitive Wooden Beads

By MarPok | Instructables A few months ago I noticed someone trimmed a young walnut tree in a garden near to the place I live. I immediately start thinking if I could use the branches and wood for something. (It’s a kind of curse… What most common people see as trash I can recognize as material.) I […]