Curve Balls

by beautybeyondbones

Gosh, thank you so much for the support after last week’s emotional blog post.

Thankfully I am now 100% healthy – the flu couldn’t keep me down for long! And I have taken a page from T Swift’s book and did a little “shake it off” dance.

It’s crazy though. The video is at nearly 5 million and counting….yowza. If only those views were dolla dolla bills, yallllll.

haha jk jk….sorta


I have some news.

FIRST: I got an exciting letter that BeautyBeyondBones has been recognized as the #3 Eating Disorder Recovery Website on the Worldwide Web! It was recognized by Feedspot! I am so incredibly honored, and I wanted to just take a second to thank you. Thank you for your readership and support, and for buying my book, Bloom, and passing it along to loved ones and friends. The glowing feedback I’ve received about the book absolutely makes my heart soar. You, reading this, are the reason I do this blog, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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