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TimeIf you are African or have an African friend or colleague, then the concept of “African time” may not be new to you.  African time is described as a tendency of a “more relaxed attitude to time” in most African regions and among African people.  Because of this attitude, people show up late at events, or events will start late or end later than scheduled.  Honestly, I must confess that I am culprit of lateness.

I remember when I was in undergrad, my friend Sue would always say, “We are meeting at 4 pm American Time. DON’T be late!”  This was her telling me to show up on time.  My undergraduate institution was founded by American missionaries, most of my instructors were American, so I always say that I attend an “American Institution.”  Attending this school taught me the importance of keeping time, because all our activities always started on…

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