Let Mine Slip Away

My God, My Music, My Life

I heard Sleeping In The Stars and I could picture a couple through all the years and the words poured out.

Then I decided at the end why not do a soundtrack so listen along to the story.

Image result for holding hands first date

I remember our first date

It seems just like yesterday

The way you smiled and played with your hair

I remember thinking, God this isn’t fair

The way she’s stealing my heart

I could see the end as we start

We talked all night and into the next day

We held hands and I didn’t let mine slip away

Image result for holding hands wedding day

It was a beautiful day for late July

It didn’t compare to my beautiful bride

You walked down the aisle and our eyes met

How your smile lit up the church I’ll never forget

We said I do and I could forever see

I couldn’t picture my life without you and me

We danced…

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