Last Night’s Aurora

nomadruss in words and photos

As the night progressed to the 3 o’clock hour, I did not lift my voice as I often do, but stood in reverent silence and awe at what was transpiring before me. It was only my second night ever in Alaska and I knew that I was witness to something special. The night before I’d bivvied in my truck just outside of Tok after crossing the border from the Yukon. I was awakened by a passing truck and looked out the window just in case and sure enough the northern lights began their dance. When I arrived in Anchorage the next day and heard the forecast was for an even stronger display I changed my plans and drove back north as far as I could before nightfall, finding a pullout in Denali State Park. RBT_2350-Edit

Around 11:20 pm there was a small display of lights and then they subsided. I waited…

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