Clickbait: Get a buzz drinking recycled toilet water.

Beer Made From Recycled Toilet Water Wins Admirers in Singapore by Sing Yee Ong (Bloomberg) — “NEWBrew” is no ordinary beer. The new Singapore blond ale is made with recycled sewage. The alcoholic beverage is a collaboration between the country’s national water agency, PUB, and local craft brewery Brewerkz. First unveiled at a water conference […]

Lost child

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Here comes another blog about children and their development, as I have been working closely with students, I find this topic connected to me. In this era of technology and smartphones, the most impacted lobby is our young ones. Because neither they are adults not technology is the need of…

What Happened to eBay?

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It was musical theatre camp in the early aughts, and my summer camp was putting on an abridged performance of My Fair Lady. Looking back, I definitely had a crush on the slightly older girl who played the lead, but at the time I attributed her allure to her bohemian fashion sense…

Snooze and you lose

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Been a busy one last week and this week is starting to look like the same. Nevertheless I’m back here to share yet another veterinary related post with the hopes of creating awareness. — Regardless of how experienced a veterinarian is, he/ she will never be able to say that they…