Toads may mimic venomous snakes

Congolese giant toads may mimic venomous snakes to trick predators The amphibians’ looks and sounds resemble those of Gaboon vipers By Carolyn Wilke Congolese giant toads may have mastered a way to fake out would-be predators looking for a tasty burger-sized snack. With a hiss and a butt-up posture that displays their backside, the toads […]

A chip made with carbon nanotubes, not silicon, marks a computing milestone

The prototype could give rise to a new generation of faster, more energy-efficient electronics By Maria Temming “Silicon Valley” may soon be a misnomer. Inside a new microprocessor, the transistors — tiny electronic switches that collectively perform computations — are made with carbon nanotubes, rather than silicon. By devising techniques to overcome the nanoscale defects […]