Ways Reading Benefits Your Body

5 Fascinating Ways Reading Benefits Your Body by Elyse Hauser When you pick up a book, you might look forward to the intellectual benefits it will bring you: new knowledge, an expanded vocabulary, or even a chance to get more in touch with your feelings. But did you know that reading is good for your […]

Top 10 Checkouts of All Time

Since The New York Public Library’s founding in 1895, millions of books have been checked out by patrons of all ages throughout the city. In honor of the 125th anniversary, a team of experts from the Library carefully evaluated a series of key factors to determine the most borrowed books, including historic checkout and circulation […]

U.S. Students Perform Poorly on Global Exam

by Neal Freyman American teenagers are trailing their Asian peers in reading, math, and science. That’s what the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) found in its 2018 exam. The test is administered every three years to 15-year-olds across 79 education systems. Why it matters: Countries with the highest-performing students will be the most prepared […]

Abridged Classics: Summaries of Books You Were Supposed to Read (But Probably Didn’t)

Originally posted on Discover:
Want to read more than 100 famous works of literature in no time? John Atkinson, the cartoonist at Wrong Hands, has the perfect book for you. In Abridged Classics, just published by HarperCollins, he compiles super-succinct summaries of literary classics in the light-hearted, humorous style that his blog readers have grown to…