You Make Me Feel Like It’s Gonna Be OK

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Remember the plums I foraged with my friends Willem and Unity? Well, the genius that is Mandy from @Utopia Ice turned them into a deliciously mouthwatering, finger licking, summer-perfect Plum & Earl Grey sorbet. Ohh yeah. Merry Christmas y’all! You know, my family and I never used to celebrate Christmas (for…

Out of Order

Rantings Of A Third Kind “I’ll definitely be out of order for a few days!” Gun Roswell Out of Order Out of orderFlat on my faceSemiconsciousFeeling sorerAnd out of place For the next few daysRelying on others’ aidHoping not to faintAin’t that quaintBut I am hardly a saint Almost felt jinxedBut now my sixIs getting […]