Chinese Tourism Is Canceled

by Alex Hickey More than 80 people are dead, 56 million across China are on lockdown, and millions more are scared to leave home. The tourism industry is close to panic mode. The Lunar New Year holiday, which began last Saturday, is one of China’s busiest shopping and travel periods. Except that’s not happening because […]

Did You Know? – Sep 26

Violets have long been described as having an ephemeral and almost magical scent, and with good scientific reason. The scent of violets comes from a compound called ionone which, aside from smelling very sweet, also has the peculiar property of overwhelming our scent receptors and temporarily shutting them off. This side effect means that over […]

Capture Tokyo: Kawaii Monster Cafe

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Kawaii Monster Cafe, Harajuku The colorful and crazy Kawaii Monster Cafe really embodies that special “kawaii” street fashion uniqueness only found in Harajuku. Based on the Harajuku cute boom that exploded in the 2000s, the cafe is filled with bright colors and wacky designs. The Monster Cafe is split into four main…