My browser, the spy.

My browser, the spy : How extensions slurped up browsing histories from 4M users Have your tax returns, Nest videos, and medical info been made public? by DAN GOODIN When we use browsers to make medical appointments, share tax returns with accountants, or access corporate intranets, we usually trust that the pages we access will […]

What Happened to eBay?

Originally posted on Longreads:
It was musical theatre camp in the early aughts, and my summer camp was putting on an abridged performance of My Fair Lady. Looking back, I definitely had a crush on the slightly older girl who played the lead, but at the time I attributed her allure to her bohemian fashion sense…


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Na vier weke sonder internet kan ek vanaand weer al my blogvriende sien – halloooo! Laatlam het ‘n huis gekoop en ons is nou redelik reggeskik. Die hond het agtergekom sy kan blaf (trouens, sy lyk vir my groter, soos ‘n vis in ‘n groter visbak sou groei!) en die…


By Wag ‘n Bietjie Broadly speaking I have great admiration for true bloggers with a talent for writing posts that engage the interest of internet users. I do not consider myself to be in this category as I derive much more satisfaction from reading well written posts across a fairly broad spectrum covering technology, poetry, […]