Note to Self – A Guide to Self Preservation in my Senior Years

Originally posted on Life After 50:
Often, we read about people writing to their younger selves, sharing advice they wish they had known in their earlier years.  This is done in the hopes that another younger person may read it & benefit from this sage advice.  An attempt to somehow lessen the stress & self-doubt a younger…

Danger, Danger! (seven)

Rantings Of A Third Kind Posted in the Daily Post: Danger! “Danger Will Robinson, Danger!”Lost in Space Danger, Danger! Danger and entertainmentBrought for your amazementBeware of yellow trianglesOr watch, when cyclists entangleYou might get this angleIf you stand here waiting in patience View original post

Signs of Spring (six)

Rantings Of A Third Kind Posted in Daily Photo “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’” Robin Williams Signs of Spring Blue, green and red Onto nature’s canvas painted Looking ahead After Spring Summer will spread View original post

Out of Order

Rantings Of A Third Kind “I’ll definitely be out of order for a few days!” Gun Roswell Out of Order Out of orderFlat on my faceSemiconsciousFeeling sorerAnd out of place For the next few daysRelying on others’ aidHoping not to faintAin’t that quaintBut I am hardly a saint Almost felt jinxedBut now my sixIs getting […]