Did You Know? (Mar 08)

The face of the CPR dummy that nearly everyone around the world uses for CPR training, nicknamed “Rescue Anne”, was modeled off the death mask of an unidentified young woman pulled from the River Seine in the late 1880s. The death mask was created for public display to assist the police in identifying her, but […]

Did You Know? (feb 25)

When you cut into a rare steak and it appears that the steak is bloody, you’re not actually looking at blood on your plate. The substance on your plate is myoglobin, a pinkish colored (when exposed to air) protein that delivers oxygen to an animal’s muscle tissue.

Did You Know? (Feb 04)

The International Space Station is whizzing around the Earth at a speed of approximately 17,200 miles per hour (27,600 kilometers per hour) and, as a result, astronauts on board experience 16 sunrises and 16 sunsets per day as their travel speed zips them around the globe once every 90 minutes or so.

Did You Know? (Jan 28)

If you’ve noticed an increase in spam phone calls from numbers that share your area code (and even resemble your own phone number beyond the area code), you’re experiencing a new telemarketing technique known as “neighbor spoofing” wherein the telemarketing agencies spoof phone numbers from your area code to trick people wary of out-of-state calls […]

Did You Know? (Jan 23)

If you’re not a fan of coffee because of the way it makes you feel, then you’re certainly not alone. Metabolization of caffeine is handled by the liver using the enzyme CYP1A2 and production of the enzyme varies significantly between people. Some people can drink a pot of coffee a day and feel nary a […]