What’s Going to Happen to Your Huawei or Honor Phone?

by CHRIS HOFFMAN  The US government has effectively banned Google and other companies from doing business with Huawei. Google can’t work with Huawei on future products—but you might be wondering what happens to any existing Huawei or Honor phones you might own. Here’s the good news: Your existing phone will consider receiving services from Google. […]

The Beginning of the End for Huawei?

In a significant blow to Chinese device maker Huawei’s mobile business, Google pulled the company’s Android license over the weekend. Intel, Qualcomm, and other hardware vendors followed suit by ending relationships with Huawei, dealing a potential death blow to the company. This decision follows last week’s executive order from the White House to block Chinese […]

Did Apple Really Ban Facebook and Google’s Apps?

by JOSH HENDRICKSON Facebook and Google have been violating Apple’s policies, distributing apps that tracked user behavior outside Apple’s App Store, as TechCrunch reported. Apple temporarily banned Facebook and Google from running internal software, sending a strong message. Facebook Monitored Users (With Consent) Facebook likes to know as much as possible about its users and […]

Google, the World’s Biggest Advertising Company, Will Block Ads Soon. Is That Good?

by Justin Pot It’s finally happening: on February 15, 2018, Google’s Chrome browser will block some ads out-of-the-box, regardless of whether you have a separate ad blocker installed. That means Google, the web’s biggest advertising company, will start deciding which ads do and don’t get blocked in your browser. Should users be happy about this, […]