Answers That Don’t Seem Like Answers

“The LORD said to Moses, ‘Why do you cry to me? Tell the people of Israel to go forward.’” Exodus 14:15 (ESV) When I became a Christian, I knew there were depths in my soul that needed healing. A noticeable gap separated me from the proclaimed freedom found in Christ. I could see this freedom […]

Wat om te doen as jy die wegraping gemis het

As die wegraping plaasgevind het en jy lees hierdie, gaan jy tien teen een baie verward wees. Jy geen heel moontlik nie verstaan wat gebeur het nie. As jy ‘n Kind van die Here is en jy het tot bekering gekom, gaan jy sekerlik nie verstaan waarom jy nog hier is nie. Jy gaan iemand […]

Do what pleases God

Psalm 4:5 NCV Day after day Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce Joseph, but he said no. He gave her no time, no attention, no chitchat, and no reason for hope. “He did not heed her, to lie with her or to be with her” (Genesis 39:10 NKJV). When she called, he didn’t answer the phone. […]

Giving GOD the Glory.

On Feb 13, 2001 – In honor of Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday, this video was made to show the President’s deeply held beliefs. It is not meant to be political, but rather, to show that even while holding the highest office in the land, he stayed true to his faith.