About the Journey

Originally posted on Taralyn Rowe:
I have learned a lot about mental illness through first hand experience. I started writing this blog when I was experiencing the worst depression of my life and kind of just settled on the fact that my life was not going to get any better. I accepted a disorder as…

Why can’t someone just snap out of depression?

answered by Milos Vukotic, I had experience with severe depression Disclaimer: I’m not a psychiatrist, psychologist or anyone who’s expertise is related to mental health, but I have had experience with severe depression in the past and I have researched quite a lot about mental health over the years. Also, I’ll be assuming that by […]

How Do We Change the World

Originally posted on Mind Margins:
Two weeks ago I unwittingly devised a trifecta of ways to put myself into a depression: I read Naomi Klein’s tome on climate change, This Changes Everything, which was hands down the most depressing book I’ve ever read, if only because of the subject matter. I watched the documentary Cowspiracy,…