Local Story

An emergency call was received from SAPS to assist with a dog that had been mowed down with a panga in the Hessequa municipal district. It is unthinkable that such cruelty would be inflicted on a sweet girl like MIA. Her leg is beyond repair as the blow has gone straight through the bone and the […]

Brain Implant Bypasses Eyes To Help Blind People See

By Eliza Strickland Early humans were hunters, and their vision systems evolved to support the chase. When gazing out at an unchanging landscape, their brains didn’t get excited by the incoming information. But if a gazelle leapt from the grass, their visual cortices lit up.  That neural emphasis on movement may be the key to […]

Close-up Photographer of the Year

‘I spotted this eel larva off the island of Lembeh (Indonesia) during a blackwater dive. Blackwater diving is essentially diving at night in the open ocean, usually over deep or very deep water. Divers are surrounded by darkness, with only a lit downline as a visual reference. Peering through the darkness with your torch can […]