Boeing Episode IV: A New Hope

Boeing Starts Testing of New Jumbo Jet, the 777X Neal Freyman Ain’t she a beaut? Boeing’s newest plane model, the 777X, successfully completed its maiden voyage on Saturday. It lifted off at 10:09am PT, hung out in the air long enough for pilots to qualify for pretzels (about four hours), and touched down to a […]

Bad Day to Be a Tesla Hater

Tesla Tops $100 Billion Market Value, Short Squeeze Ensues Kinsey Grant The electric car company became the first publicly listed U.S. automaker to cross $100 billion in market value, eclipsing the combined values of other homegrown heroes Ford and GM. How Tesla doubled its share price in three months: 1) It reported a surprise Q3 […]

$420, Here We Come

by Neal Freyman Tesla’s stock is soaring to all-time highs this week. Closing at $404.04/share yesterday, it’s within striking distance of $420, the target set by CEO Elon Musk in August 2018, when he tweeted he was considering taking Tesla private. Everyone laughed at him then, but now they’re secretly wishing they owned Tesla stock. […]

Wheels Wants People to Stop Using Their Heads

E-Bike Company Adds Helmets to Improve Safety by Neal Freyman The micromobility company Wheels has redesigned its e-bikes to include a shareable helmet that riders can access for free. For those concerned about the hygienic implications of communal headgear, each helmet comes equipped with a removable liner. The problem: Most urban commuters are more worried […]

I Am Cybertruck. I Come in Peace.

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk introduced his company’s first electric pickup truck in Los Angeles yesterday, he said, “It doesn’t look like anything else.” He got that right. The Cybertruck is Tesla’s sixth vehicle and definitely its most bizarre…but so was the presentation. When Musk asked Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen to throw a metal […]