The TikTok Saga Continues

Microsoft, TikTok Thrown Off by Trump’s Pledge to Ban the App by Neal Freyman This weekend, it became clear that TikTok as we know it is coming to an end in the U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said yesterday there’s a general consensus among American leadership that “TikTok cannot stay in the current format” because […]

Audio Deepfakes: Can Anyone Tell If They’re Fake?

by Dave Johnson Video deepfakes mean you can’t trust everything you see. Now, audio deepfakes might mean you can no longer trust your ears. Was that really the president declaring war on Canada? Is that really your dad on the phone asking for his email password? Add another existential worry to the list of how […]

No Rest for Big Tech. But Plenty of Profits.

Big Tech Posts Blowout Earnings Day After Congressional Hearing Yesterday, the Silicon Valley titans who spent Wednesday being virtually grilled by members of Congress reported earnings for the previous quarter. In short? Those members of Congress were interrupting some of 2020’s most successful execs.  Apple: It blew expectations out of the water despite store closures. […]

More Projects for Your Raspberry Pi 4

by Andrew Heinzman It’s been a year since the super-powered Raspberry Pi 4 officially landed on store shelves. And whether you have a Pi 4 hidden in a drawer or stuffed in your Amazon Wish List, you’re in serious need of some project inspiration. Here are 18 killer projects for the Pi 4. In July […]

We Have Good Intel – the Smaller Chip the Better

Intel Falls, AMD Soars on News of 7nm Chip Tech Delay by Neal Freyman Three nanometers. A distance so small you can barely fathom it, but one that may determine the future of the chip industry.  Yesterday, Intel’s stock slid more than 16% after it said it would delay the rollout of its 7-nanometer chip […]

Huawei Gets a Taste of Brexit

by Neal Freyman UK Pulls a U-Turn, Bans Huawei Gear by 2027 We can’t tell you much about what’s going to happen in 2027, but we do know that British telecom companies won’t have any equipment from China’s Huawei in their networks. Yesterday, the UK government banned domestic firms from buying new equipment from Huawei […]

What’s the Difference Between Linux and Unix?

by Dave McKay Linux took its inspiration from Unix, but Linux isn’t Unix—although it’s definitely Unix-like. We will explain the major differences between these two famous operating systems. Same Difference? Linux is a free and open-source operating system. Unix is a commercial product, offered by a variety of vendors each with its own variant, usually […]