Why Did ’90s PCs Have Keyhole Locks, and What Did They Do?

by Benj Edwards Back in the 1990s, many IBM PC-compatible machines included cylinder locks on their cases right next to the Turbo and Reset buttons. What did these locks do, and why were they there? Let’s find out! The Land Before Passwords In the early 1980s, IBM PC-compatible computers were largely single-task, single-user machines that […]

This Tiny GaN Charger can Handle Most Laptops and a Phone

I’ve been trying to slim down my portable setup during quarantine, because my brain often works in sub-optimal ways. But a new generation of gallium-nitride (GaN) chargers is helping to enable my unhelpful behavior. This Aukey model packs enough power for most laptops, with USB-C and USB-A for easy compatibility. It’s also surprisingly tiny, just […]