Toads may mimic venomous snakes

Congolese giant toads may mimic venomous snakes to trick predators The amphibians’ looks and sounds resemble those of Gaboon vipers By Carolyn Wilke Congolese giant toads may have mastered a way to fake out would-be predators looking for a tasty burger-sized snack. With a hiss and a butt-up posture that displays their backside, the toads […]

Starship Unveiled

by Darrell Etherington . .the next most important step in SpaceX and Elon Musk’s audacious plan to get humans to Mars and sow the seeds that will help us become an interplanetary species. SpaceX is set to show off its Starship Mk1, an orbital-scale prototype of the spacecraft it eventually plans to use to attain […]